Managing Self Enrollments and Waiting Lists

Manage self-enrollments for courses and the waiting list feature.

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June 17th, 2019

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DISCLAIMER: Some content in this article outlines how to use functionalities with the new Course Management. Check out this article for further info.


Your Docebo platform allows you to manage your course enrollments through various features. One of these fundamental features is the waiting list, which allows you to monitor course enrollment and decide how many students can be enrolled in a course or session at one time. You can also manage learners waiting to be enrolled in a course. This article will show you how to set enrollment capacities and manage the waiting list for courses and ILT or webinar sessions.

When is a user placed on a Course’s Waiting List?

A user can be placed on the waiting list of a course due to enrollment capacities or enrollment policies, depending on how you as the Superadmin have configured the course’s Advanced Settings. A user will be placed on a course’s waiting list in the following scenarios:

  • If the maximum enrollment capacity is met.
  • If the enrollment policy is set to Self-enrollment pending Admin Approval.
  • If a user has self-enrolled into a Webinar or Classroom course but did not choose a session while enrolling.

When is a user placed on a Session’s Waiting List?

A user can be placed on the waiting list of an ILT or webinar due to enrollment capacities or enrollment policies, depending on how you as the Superadmin have configured the course’s Advanced Settings. A user will be placed on a session’s waiting list in the following scenarios:

  • If you have set a maximum enrollment capacity for a webinar or classroom session.

Managing a Waiting List

Every course in the platform has an active waiting list, and Superadmins have full control on how to populate and manage it for every course.  Begin by accessing the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner, then select the Course Management subitem from the E-Learning section. Find the course in the list on the main Course Management table, click on the course description, and move to the Advanced Properties tab.

Access the Catalog Options section. In the Waiting List section, set whether users enrolling in this course from the catalog are placed into a waiting list when the max enrollment capacity is met or if the Self-enrollment pending Admin Approval or Free enrollment policies are active. You can also flag the option to automatically enroll one waitlisted learner when another learner is unenrolled. The system will select waitlisted learners based on the enrollment date (see the section below).

Next, set the Max Subscription Quota of the course by typing the maximum number of enrolled learners that can be in the course at one time into the corresponding section in the tab. If a user attempts to enroll into the course after the max quota has been filled, he or she will not be able to access the course. Finally, set the enrollment policy. Who can enroll users to the course? Only the Administrator, Self-enrollment with Admin Approval, or Free Self-registration. Please note that the waitlist feature only works with the Self-enrollment with Admin Approval or Free enrollment policies. Refer to this article for further information on the available options for self registration.

Automatic Allocation of Seats for Waitlisted Users

Superadmins can flag the option to automatically enroll a waitlisted user when another learner self-unenrolls. This option works on both course waitlists and session waitlists for ILT Classroom and Webinar courses. Please note that this option is disabled by default, so you will need to enable it manually. Likewise, you cannot enable this option if the course is flagged for sale (via E-Commerce) or if self-unenrollment for users is disabled in the course.

waiting list options

To flag this option, access the Advanced Properties tab of the course, move to the Catalog Options section, and flag both options in the Waiting List section. Automatic reallocation of waitlisted users occurs in three situations:

  • A Superadmin unenrolls an active user from the session.
  • If a user unenrolls him/herself from a session in an ILT or Webinar course.
  • If the Superadmin increases the max number of users for an ILT or Webinar session.

Please note the following prioritization rule: If there are multiple users on the waitlist for a course or a session, priority is given to who enrolled the earliest (thus, they were on the waitlist first).

Managing the Waiting List for Courses

To manage your waiting users, access the Admin Menu, then choose the Course Management subitem from the E-Learning section. On the main Course Management page, flag the option to view courses With Users in Waiting List in the filter area. Now either click on the description of the course, and move to the Waiting List tab or directly click on the number in the Waiting List column.

From the Waiting List page, for an E-Learning course, you can approve (green check mark) or deny (red x) the user’s request for enrollment into the course using the corresponding icons in the user’s row.

Managing the Waitlist for an ILT or Webinar Sessions

If you have enrolled users into an ILT Classroom or Webinar course, but you have not yet assigned them to a specific session within that course, you will see a small red box in the top right corner of the Waitlist button in the action bar at the top of the Sessions and Enrollments page for that course. The number in the red box will indicate how many users are waiting to be assigned to a session.

Press the Waitlist button. On the Waitlist page, you will see a list of users waiting to be assigned. If you want to assign them all to the same session, flag the box at the top of the Username column to select all of the users at once. Then, in the action dropdown menu, select Assign to a Session (you can also delete the users in bulk if you wish to un-enroll them from the course). Then, in the pop up box, flag the session and press Confirm.

If you want to assign one user at a time, press the Assign item in the user’s row, press the Assign button in the user’s row to assign him or her to a session. In the pop up box, flag the session in which you would like to enroll the users, then press the Assign button.

Learners Being Placed on the Waiting List

Once the enrollment capacities and policies have been set for a course, and the course is in a catalog, users can press the Enroll (Waiting List) button on the course’s page in the catalog. If the user cannot be enrolled directly into the course and will be placed on the course’s waiting list (either due to enrollment capacities or policies, as described above), a message will appear to let the users know that they’ve been placed on the waiting list.

waiting list catalog

The course will still appear in the My Courses and Learning Plans area of their platforms, but they will only be able to access a Waiting List page, which displays general course information and a list of course content but does not give users access to any training material or sessions. In the course’s tile in the My Courses and Learning Plans area or in a course catalog, the user will see that they are In Waiting List.