How to Manage the White Label App

Learn how to customize and rebrand completely your installation.

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August 31st, 2017

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Docebo’s White label App allows you to hide some of Docebo’s custom branding elements from your Docebo E-Learning Platform.

By activating this app in your LMS, you can hide or customize the “© Powered by Docebo ” label at the bottom of your interface. You can also hide certain buttons from the menu as well as the user’s counter label from the header. Furthermore, you can choose the recipient for the Help Desk Area requests and remove the word Docebo from any page in your LMS.

To activate this app, login to your LMS as the Superadmin, then select the Apps and Features item from the bottom half of the left sidebar.

white label apps and features
Now, select the Additional Features tab in the tab menu on the left side of the page. In the list of apps on this page, find the White Label App, then press the Try It For Free button in the app’s row. Read the information in the pop up box, then press Try It For Free again. The app is now active in your platform.

In order to manage the app,  click on the Branding, Look & Feel item in the Settings section of the Admin Menu (scroll your mouse over the gears icon to reach the Admin Menu).

BLF admin menu

Once you’re on the Branding and Look & Feel page, select the Docebo White label tab from the tab menu on the left side of the page. Start by customizing your header. Flag whether you want to use the current, default Docebo header, or if you want to load an eternal custom header (iframe). If you flag the latter option, you need to provide a language, external URL, and header height into the corresponding text boxes.

Now, move to the Footer section below. Here, you can flag whether you want to show or hide the Powered by Docebo footer. Alternatively, you can flag the option to use customized text in the footer. If you flag this option, assign a language to the footer, then add the text into the corresponding text box.

If you’re using Docebo 6.8 or higher, you can load an external custom footer (iframe). If you flag this option, you need to provide a language, external URL, and footer height into the corresponding text boxes.

white label menu

Now, move to the Menu section. Here, you can flag the option to hide the listed buttons from the menu. By hiding these buttons in specific places in the LMS, you will be the only Superadmin that will see these buttons. Other Admins will not see these buttons in their platforms.

If you flag this option, you will also have the option to change the email address to which the “Contact Us” emails from the Help Desk section in the platform are sent. If you want to change the email, flag the corresponding option, then type the new email address into the corresponding text box.

white label change email

Please note that if you change the email address in this field, all the other platform Superadmins (except you) will send the help requests to the new email address, meaning the tickets open by other Superadmins won’t be forwarded to the Docebo Help Desk.

Finally, move to the Naming section. Begin by flagging whether you want to r

Lastly, you can flag the option to rWhen you’ve configured all of the White Label settings, press Confirm to save your preferences.