Enabling the Course Rating

Allow users to rate courses and to share their evaluations.

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July 23rd, 2020

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As an option, you can enable a course rating system in your platform to allow learners to express their opinion on the courses they attend, helping other users to understand the value of courses. Ratings can be configured at global level, for all the courses in your platform, or at course level. This means that you can have a default configuration while still managing exceptions.

Configuring Course Rating Globally

In order to enable and configure course rating settings that will be applied by default to all new and existing courses, access the platform as Superadmin, then reach the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner. In the Settings section, select the Advanced Settings subitem, then access the Social & Rating tab on the next page.

By default, users are not allowed to rate courses. But you can flag one of the following options to enable course ratings:

  • Every user can rate a course, even if they’re not enrolled in the course
  • Users can rate a course in which they’re enrolled
  • Users can rate a course only if they’ve completed the course

Once you’ve selected the desired option, press Save. This option will now be applied by default to all existing courses that do not have active custom rating settings and to all new courses.

Configuring Course Rating at Course Level

Independently from the global course rating settings you configured, you can set custom course rating settings for individual courses. To do so, access the Admin Menu, then select Course Management in the E-Learning section.  Find the course in the list, click on its description, and once in the course area, move to the Advanced Properties tab.

Then, reach the Social & Rating tab and flag the option to enable custom settings for this course. Then, use the instructions outlined in the previous section of this article to configure the course rating settings as desired. Press Save Changes when finished.

Please note: After a user submits a star rating, the page will display only the user’s rating. Once the user leaves the page or refreshes the page of the course, the rating displayed will be the average rating for the course.

Viewing Course Ratings in Reports

While you can see the individual rating for each course via the Learner View page when viewing a course, as an Admin, you may like to report on current ratings for all or some of your courses. You can pull this data via reports in your platform. Begin by accessing the Admin Menu, then press the Reports item in E-Learning section.

From the report options found on this page, export the existing Courses-Users report to capture data around all courses. Ratings appear in a column on the report, and represent the average rating for all users who have rated the course.

You may also capture this data by generating a custom report. From the Reports page, click on the Create Custom Report icon, name your report, select Course – Users as the report type, and proceed to configure your data requirements making sure to check Rating under the Statistics data points list. Refer to this article to learn more about creating custom reports.