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Weekly Changelog for Docebo 6.9

Changelog of weekly minor changes to Docebo 6.9.

Weekly Changelog for Docebo 7.0

Check out the Docebo 7.0 changelog for platform updates.

What’s New in Docebo 6.6.2

Discover the new Docebo 6.6.2

What’s New in Docebo 6.8

Discover the new Docebo 6.8

What’s New in Docebo 6.9

Discover what's new in Docebo 6.9

What’s New in Docebo 7.0

Discover what's new and improved in Docebo 7.0.

What’s new in Docebo 6.6.3

Discover the new Docebo 6.6.3

What’s new in Docebo 6.7

Discover the new Docebo 6.7