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September 8th, 2020

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Webinar courses are courses that you attend online, in real-time, via videoconferencing. For webinar courses on mobile, you will access the video conference through a webinar tool directly from your Go.Learn mobile app. Webinars are divided into sessions. As a learner, you may be asked to attend one or multiple session dates in order to complete the course.

You may see some training material (such as tests, surveys, slides, etc) associated with the webinar course, and they may be made available before and/or after the webinar itself.

Let’s clarify that, when accessing Docebo learning platform from your smartphone, you will uniquely use the Go.Learn mobile app.

Instead, when accessing the platform from your tablet, you can use the Go.Learn mobile app, but you can also decide to use the browser version of the desktop platform on your mobile device. You can refer to the Webinar Courses on Tablets section at the end of this article to learn more about video conferences on your tablet.

Downloading the Webinar Tool’s App

If a webinar session you’re enrolled into is approaching, you will receive a notification in your Go.Learn app reminding you that the webinar is starting. To join the webinar, you just need to tap on the corresponding button in the notification’s text. On the page that opens, a message reminds you that the webinar tool’s app is needed in order to attend the webinar.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, tap on the Download the App button. You will be redirected to the page of the application needed on your app store, where you will download the app. Once you have installed it on your mobile device, you are ready to join the webinar! Tap on the Open button to start watching it.

If you have already downloaded the app needed, hide the notification and tap the Open button to start the webinar.

In case an external webinar tool that is different from the ones your Admin integrated with Docebo is needed, you won’t find the link to download the app, but you will need to contact your Administrator if you need any help.

The Webinar Course Page on Your Go.Learn App

Once you select a webinar from the My Courses and Learning Plans page or the Course Catalog page of your Go.Learn app, you will see the course details in the About tab, info about the sessions in the Sessions tab and the list of training material in the course in the Content tab. To learn more details about how to navigate courses from your app, you can read the My Courses & Learning Plans section of this article presenting all of the standard pages that you find on mobile.

If you are enrolled in more than one session for the webinar course, in the Sessions tab select the one you want to attend from a list of all the sessions in which you’re enrolled. You will land on the session details page, such as date and time, duration, and a description of the content of the session.

If you are enrolled in only one session, in the Sessions tab you will directly view the details of that session.

For upcoming sessions, you will see a countdown. When it’s time for the videoconference to begin, the Join the Webinar button will appear at the bottom of the course page. Simply tap on the button to join the webinar session.

Once the webinar session ends, the Attended status will appear near the webinar name among the session details of the Sessions tab. When you complete the whole course, you can also obtain a certificate. For further details, read the My Courses & Learning Plans section of this article where you will find more info about certificates.

Please note that while using your mobile app, you cannot self-enroll into webinar sessions and courses, nor can you purchase webinar courses that are for sale directly in your app. In order to perform these activities, access your learning platform via desktop.

If you need to self-unenroll from the webinar course and self-unenrollment is allowed by your Admin, tap on the ellipsis icon in the top right corner of the course’s page, then on the Unenroll button at the bottom of the page. You are now unenrolled from the webinar course that you selected.

Webinar Courses on Tablets (Go.Learn App or Browser Version of the Desktop Platform)

When accessing Docebo platform from your tablet, you can open the Go.Learn mobile app or you can also use the browser version of the desktop platform on your mobile device.

If you’re using the Go.Learn app, please refer to the sections above in this article for any further information about webinars on the Go.Learn mobile app.

If you’re using your tablet’s browser to access the desktop platform, make sure you satisfy the following requirements:

  • You need to use the default browser for your tablet operating system (Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android).

Please Note: When using the most recent versions of iOS, you may need to disable Safari’s pop-ups blocker. To do so, open your tablet’s Settings, then reach the Safari tab. In the General section of Safari’s settings, disable the Block Pop-ups toggle. You need to allow pop-ups to be able to access your webinar session. The first time you access a webinar session using Chrome, you will be asked if you want to allow pop-ups. You need to allow them in order to access your webinar session.

  • It is your responsibility to download the app needed for the webinar (for example, if you’re using Zoom for web training, you need to have already downloaded Zoom’s app on your tablet to access the webinar session). Please refer to the Supported Webinar Tools section below to read detailed information about which webinar tools are supported on mobile devices and find the links to download the corresponding app for iOS and for Android.

Supported Webinar Tools

All of the webinar tools that can be integrated with Docebo on the desktop platform by your Admin are also supported by the platform on tablets, except Teleskill, which is not supported because it is based on Adobe Flash content, not playable on mobile devices.

The following table provides you with the links to download the supported webinar tools apps (Zoom, Adobe Connect, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and Webex) on your tablet.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to download the app on your mobile device.

Supported Webinar Tools Apps” width=”100%” height=”800px”>This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF 

Note: for the GoToMeeting integration, two different tools (and two apps) are available: GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.