Hiding or Unhiding Content in your Platform

Learn how to hide content that you don’t want to see in your platform

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March 29th, 2019

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In your platform, you may have a lot of learning content, thus the time it takes to organize and view all of it may seem daunting. It can be useful to hide the content in which you are not interested in any given moment, so that you can view only the content that is most valuable to you. In this way, you’ll be able to easily customize your platform by removing the content you don’t want to see and controlling what appears on certain pages.

Using the Hide/Unhide Functionality

This functionality enables you to hide content from All Channels, My channel, and My Courses and Learning Plans pages, although you can’t hide content from catalogs. You can hide both formal and informal training content. It may not be possible to hide formal content such as courses and learning plans, depending on how your Admin configured your platform, while hide functionality is always enabled for informal training content such as assets and playlists.

When you can hide content, you can go on the content card, click on the ellipsis menu and then select the Hide option. The content disappears, and a message at the bottom of the page will inform you that the item has been successfully hidden. You can also apply filters by pressing the Filters item. From the Hidden Items section in the slideout panel, you can decide from one of the following options: Don’t Show Hidden Items, Show Also Hidden Items, or Show Hidden Items Only.

You can recognize hidden items from the barred eye icon on the item’s card. Note that if a locked course has been hidden, you will see the lock icon instead of the barred eye icon on the item’s card. In order to unhide content that you previously hid, click on the ellipsis menu and then select the Unhide option.

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Please note that the items composing a playlist or a learning plan are always visible, even if they have been previously hidden. For example, if you hide an asset included in a playlist and then you enter the playlist, the item is still visible and available. The same happens for a course included in a learning plan.