How to Activate and Manage the Offline player App

Discover how to run your SCORM objects on your computer even if you are offline or your connection is slow.

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December 1st, 2016

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This App allows you to run your SCORM objects on your computer even if you are offline or your connection is slow. Once you’re able to be online again, all your data will be synced with the LMS. This feature is currently not available for mobile devices or Apple operating systems. This app is only available for Enterprise Solutions.

Activating the Offline player App

Login in as superadministrator and select Apps and features from the sidebar. The Docebo APPs are divided into five areas:

  • My APPs: all the APPs that you have already activated;
  • Single Sign On: all the APPs that activate a Single Sign On in combination with other software;
  • Additional features: all the APPs through which you can add functionalities to your platform;
  • Third party integrations: all the APPs that integrate your platform with third party software;
  • Web conferencing: all the APPs that integrate the LMS with Web conferencing software.

Additional features

You can also filter and choose APPS from a select area, either only the free APPs, or only the APPs available for a fee. In order to activate the Offline player APP , select the Additional features tab. Choose the Offline player APP and select the Activate button and then CONTACT US NOW to request the APP activation. Once activated the app you can start downloading your contents.

Configuring the App

Access the course you have to complete. Select the PLAY OFF LINE button. The system will then ask you if you have downloaded the offline player. The first time you want to play one of your content offline, you will have to select SHOW ME HOW in order to download the Offline Player.

Download offline player

Select Click here to start downloading the application.

Docebo 6.5

Follow the steps in Windows to complete the installation on your computer. Once done, the Harbinger wizard procedure will start; select NEXT to proceed.

Offline player - installation process

Once the installation is finished, right click on the player’s icon in the Windows task bar and choose Offline Player Settings.

Offline player settings

Copy and paste the URL of your platform in the LMS URL field and click OK.

LMS name

A new pop-up window will appear, select OK to start the Offline Player service.


Now choose the object you want to download. Please remember that you can download only SCORM contents, all the contents marked with the red cross are not available for offline play. You will be able to play them when an internet connection is available.

Choose object

The offline player will download the selected content. Once the download is complete, select Launch player. Insert your username in the relevant box and press “Login”.

Launch playerInsert your username in the relevant box and press  Login.

Insert username

Select Launch to start play your course.

Select launch to start

Then, click on the content you want to open and begin your course.

Select the chapter you want to play

Once you’re online again, all your data and progress will be synced with the LMS.