Checking the Active Users Report

Learn how to check and export the Active Users Report

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September 17th, 2020

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With your Docebo platform, you only pay for the users that are active during the 30-day billing period, and you can check the Active Users Report to make sure you are maintaining the correct number of active users in your platform.

Please note that depending on your purchase plan, and if the White Label app is active, the Active User Report may not be visible in your platform.

Active User Definition

Users are considered active when they access a learning object in a course for the first time or if they play at least one informal learning asset in the Discover, Coach & Share module during a given billing period. From that point on, users can access the platform as many times as they want for an unlimited number of courses.

For those that have set up learning webinar or ILT classroom courses, learners are only considered active if these courses have learning objects, and learners have accessed a learning object in the course.

Generating the Active Users Report

In order to generate the Active Users Report, being by logging into your platform as the Superadmin, and click on the Active Users link on the top section of the page. Then, from the drop-down panel, click Active Users Report.

The report displays the list of all of the active users for the current billing period. You can filter the users by billing period, selecting which period you want to view from the corresponding drop-down menu. Furthermore, you can export the Active Users Report in XLS or CSV format.

Active users report list

Please note that the Extra Access column shows the users in your platform exceeding your current plan. If you need to change your current plan or add more active users, please contact Docebo using your platform’s Communication Center.