How to Check the User Email Verification Status

Discover how to check the users email verification status.

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February 28th, 2018

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When creating new users or editing existing users in your platform, you can associate an email address with the user profile, which allows you to send email notifications to the user. Although associating an email address to a user profile is not required, it is recommended. Begin by accessing the Admin Menu by scrolling your mouse over the gear icon in the header. In the E-Learning section, select the Users item. On the main users page, press the plus button at the top, then press the New User button.

create user button

In the slide out panel, fill out all of the information on the first page, General Information. We recommend filling out all of the fields, even if not all of them are mandatory. Required fields will be marked with an asterisk*. Once you’ve added an email address to a user profile, you can set whether the email address is verified or unverified. If you’ve set the email address to unverified, you can send a notification to users that allows them to verify their email address.

Sending the Verification Notification to Your Users

If a user’s email status is unverified and you need them to verify the email address associated with their user profile in Docebo, you need to send them the User email address must be verified notification using the Notifications app. Please note that you must include the [verification_link] shortcode in the text body of the notification in order for the user’s to be able to use the link to verify their email address. Once you create and activate the notification, it will be sent automatically each time you create a new user with an unverified email status.

email notification

Checking the Email Status of Many Users at One Time

If you want to have a general look at the email validation status of multiple users, you can do so by accessing the main User Management page in your platform (Admin Menu, Users item in E-Learning section). Once you’re on the page, press the Filters icon in the top left corner of the page. In the slideout panel, select the Email Validation Status filter. The list of users will automatically refresh, and you can see the email status of each user in the Email Verification Status column.

email filter