Managing the Navigation Policy of a Course

Discover how to manage the sequence of the training material within the course

Last Updated

May 22nd, 2019

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DISCLAIMER: Some content in this article outlines how to use functionalities with the new Course Management. Check out this article for further info.


The Navigation Policy allows you to establish the completion order for training material within a course. As the Superadmin, you can sequence your learning objects and lock them, so they cannot be accessed until a user has completed the previous training material that you’ve assigned the them. Once you have created a course and added the training material, you can then set the navigation policy.

Setting the Navigation Policy

Begin by accessing the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of the page, then press the Course Management subitem in the E-Learning section. Once you’re on the Course Management page, find the course in the list for which you would like to manage the navigation policy.

Click on the course description and, once in the course area, move to the Advanced Properties tab, then to the Details tab. In the Navigation Policy section, select which policy you want to apply to your course, then press Save Changes.

  • Free Learning Path. All training material is unlocked, which means that students can pick the training material in their preferred order.
  • Sequential Learning Path. Students have to complete the training material in an order that you’ve established in the Training Materials page for the course. Students must complete an item in order to unlock the next one in the course.
  • Final Test. The course will be marked as completed when a student passes the final learning object at the end of the course. If you choose this navigation policy, the last object will be locked, and all of the previous learning objects will be unlocked and free to access in the preferred order of the user. The final learning object will remain locked until all previous materials have been completed. Please note that while the option is intended to be used with a test learning object, any final object will be considered the “test” and therefore locked.
  • Pre Test. Students can access the training material of the course only after they pass they’ve completed a pre-test. Once the test has been passed, they will be able to view the training material in their preferred order.