How to Manage the Coaching App

Discover how to create coaching sessions inside an e-learning course.

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December 5th, 2016

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The new coaching feature allows you to create coaching sessions inside an e-learning course. During these sessions the specified coach will support learners in achieving professional tasks and goals. The system allows you to have one or more coaches in the same course, and each coach can follow one or more users simultaneously.

The process includes the following steps:

– Enabling the coaching feature in a course.

– Assigning a coach to a course.

– Creating and managing the coaching sessions.

– Enabling the “My coach” course widget.

Activating the App

Login in as administrator and select APPS and features from the sidebar.

APPS and Features - menu ENG

The Docebo APPs are divided into five areas:

  • My APPs: all the APPs that you have already activated;
  • Single Sign On: all the APPs that activate a Single Sign On in combination with other software;
  • Additional features: all the APPs through which you can add functionalities to your platform;
  • Third party integrations: all the APPs that integrate your platform with third party software;
  • Web conferencing: all the APPs that integrate the LMS with Web conferencing software.

Additional features

You can also filter and choose APPS from a select area, either only the free APPs, or only the APPs available for a fee.

Note that during your trial period you can try all the APPs for free. In order to activate the Coaching APP, select the Additional features tab. Choose the Coaching APP and select the ACTIVATE APP button. Read the information and select ACTIVATE NOW. The APP has now been added to My APPS.

Managing the Coaching App

Access the e-learning course in which you want to enable this feature, and check the Setting options; here you will find the Coaching tab. Select the Enable coaching for this course option.

Now you will be able to manage the Coaching options. You can choose here how to manage the allocation of the coach(es) to the users. Allocation can only be assigned by the administrator or automatically by selecting from the following options:

– First option will assign new users to the first free session until the session is full.
– Second option will assign users automatically, in a way that ensures the same number of users in all the available sessions.
– Third option allows the users to select their favorite session.

Coaching: assignments settings

And there is also a general option where users can start attending the course without a scheduled coaching session, and they can request a session as they go.

Coaching: general options

Check and mark the options according to your needs.

Assigning a Coach to the Course

In order to assign a coach to this course select the Enrollment option from the course management area. Select Enroll users, and choose the coach from the users list, select NEXT, and choose Coach from the Level drop-down menu.

If the coach is already in your enrollment list, you have to upgrade his subscription level by selecting the Edit enrollment option.

Upgrade user level

Once you have one or more coaches in your course, you can start creating and managing the Coaching sessions.

Creating and Managing Coaching Sessions

Access the Enrollment page and select the Coaching management area.

Coaching management

From this area you will be able to create different sessions, and assign a coach to a specific user or group of users. Note: the coach will be available to talk to his learners within a specified time period. Select the coach (the system will show you the list of all the coaches enrolled in this course).

Assign the session’s start and end dates that define the time period in which users assigned to this session will be able to get in touch with their coach. You can also specify how many users are allowed to attend the sessions.

New coaching session

Now assign users to the sessions by selecting the users icon.

Assign users

Proceed by creating as many sessions as you need.

Enabling the Coach widget

Access the course’s main page and select the ADD COURSE WIDGET button. There, select the My coach item from the drop-down menu. Now, you can specify the users’ view by choosing to show any of the below options:

– The email address users can use to get in touch with the coach.

– The coach’s time compared with the learner’s time ; click here to learn more about the LMS Time settings.

– One or more specific additional fields related to the coach; click here to learn more about additional fields.

You can use the additional fields to add alternative ways in which a user can get in touch with the coach.

In addition you can enable:

– The Learner-coach messages system: allows the coach to have a one-on-one chat with a student within the course. The message system could be either synchronous or asynchronous.

– The Coach’s live session: allows the coach to create a webinar in which he/she can have a live session with his/her students.

Furthermore, you can choose how to show the widget (half or full width).

Coaching widget

How to manage the Learner – Coach messages system

Once this feature is enabled, a message box will appear on the platform, and both the student and coach will be able to send messages directly to each other.

How to manage the coach’s live session

Once this feature is enabled, access the course as a coach and click on the ‘plus’ icon.

live session

Fill the form with all the required information.

live session


The webinar alert will become available in the My coach widget.

Check the coach view:

You can see the number of users invited to the session, and by clicking on this number, you will be able to see which of the users accepted the invite and which have not.


Check the user’s view:

user's view

At the time of the event the coach will START the session, while the users will need to join the webinar by clicking on the JOIN button.

Coach view:

coach view

Users view:

live session

Checking the Users View

If the user still has to choose a session to attend, he will see the following box.

Final outcome