How to Manage the Timezone of your Platform

Discover how to manage different time zones on your platform

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November 13th, 2018

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Your learning platform allows you to deploy online and blended training all over the world, which is why every platform uses the Timezone feature, allowing you to manage different time zones in your platform. For example, if your company is based only in Italy, then your platform will be set to one specific timezone. However, if you have headquarters in many countries with different timezones, you can let your users decide their own platform timezone.

Managing Timezone Options

Begin by accessing your platform as the Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu in the top right corner of your platform. Then, select the Advanced Settings item in the Settings section. Now, from the tab menu on the left side of the page, select the Date and Time tab.

In the Timezone section, you can set a default time zone using the corresponding dropdown menu. You can also flag the option to let users select the timezone of their own platforms. If you flag this option, you also need to configure an additional setting (please read more below for this option).

Please note that the default timezone that you set will be the default timezone of every user’s platform, until a user manually changes the timezone of his or her own platform.

timezone date and timeNow, move to the Date Format section and select between the following three options:

  • Use Selected Language. The date format will be set up according to the platform language of each user.
  • User Selected. Each user can choose the date format from his or her own profile page.
  • Force Date Format. You, as the Superadmin, can select a default date format from the dropdown menu below.

Once you’re finished, press Save. Now, if you flagged the option to let users select the timezones of their own platforms, you need to move to the Users tab in the Advanced Settings menu. In this tab, you need to unflag the In user profile, enable the change password option only option. Otherwise, your users will not be able to see the options to change the timezone and date format in their platforms.

timezone users

How can Users set their Timezones?

In order for a user to set his or her own platform timezone and date format, the user should log into his or her learning platform. Then, select the menu icon from the left sidebar and select the pen icon item at the top of the menu. Open the Preferences section, where the user can select his or her preferred timezone and date format from the corresponding additional fields. Once finished, press Save Changes.

timezone users