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January 7th, 2021

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An idea is a suggestion for a new feature or improvement to be added to your learning platform. The Docebo Ideas Portal is open to Superadmins in order to capture ideas from customers and platform users.

The Ideas Portal is available for you to create and submit your ideas, but you can also vote for and comment on ideas from other customers or Docebo staff. In turn, your ideas will be voted for and commented on. The ideas with the most votes will be implemented in your platform.

Please Note: Docebo receives hundreds of ideas each year, and we love receiving feedback and innovative suggestions to meet the needs of our customers. Due to the volume of ideas, we can’t always implement every idea, but we take each one into consideration after it receives a certain amount of votes from other customers as well.

Accessing the Ideas Portal

The Ideas Portal is available for those platforms using the Docebo 7.0 theme and can be accessed by the Superadmins registered in the platform with at least name, surname and email. If this data is not available in the Superadmin’s profile, the Ideas Portal area will not be accessible to them.

Fill out the necessary information in your Superadmin profile, then log in and access the Communication Center from the Messages Icon in the action bar at the top of your homepage. In the slideout panel, press the Browse & Submit Ideas button.

The ideas portal home page will allow you to perform a number of tasks including, searching for an idea, creating a new idea, and viewing updates on submitted ideas. At the top of the ideas portal home page, you will see three tabs that will let you quickly view recently submitted ideas, ideas that are currently trending as indicated by the number of recent votes, and popular ideas over time.

Viewing the Ideas Portal

On the left side of the Ideas Portal home page, you will be able to filter ideas to view by the following:

– My ideas. This filter will list the ideas you have submitted.

– My votes. This filter will list the ideas you have voted for.

– My subscriptions. This filter will list the ideas that you have subscribed to in order to receive updates.

– Filter by Status. Ideas in the Ideas Portal have a status that will indicate at what step in the review process the idea is currently. You may also use these statuses as a filter. Refer to the section below for more information.

– Filter by Category. Ideas typically fall into a Functional Area or Module. There are several Functional and Module categories that you may use as a filter.

Idea Statuses

Once an idea is submitted, it will go through different statuses. Here is a list of the available statuses in the Ideas Portal:

– Product Owner Review. Your idea is being reviewed by the Product Owner responsible for the product area associated with the idea to see if it’s a good fit for the direction of the product. 

– Likely to Implement. The Product Owner responsible for the product area associated with the idea has reviewed your idea and found great value in it. The idea is likely to be implemented. Note that this doesn’t mean that the idea is planned at this time, but the Product Owner of the associated platform area will keep this idea in mind when planning his or her roadmap.

– Already Exists in Other Ideas. The Product Owner responsible for the product area associated with the idea reviewed your idea, and we noticed that it’s similar to another idea, previously submitted. Therefore, we will be merging the ideas together. Any votes on this idea have been added to the similar idea, and that idea will be followed by Docebo. Therefore, this idea will not be reviewed any further by the Product Team. Please refer to the existing idea for future updates, and be sure to vote on it so we know that it’s still important to you.

– Already Exists in Current Product. The Product Owner responsible for the product area associated with the idea has reviewed your idea, and a similar or identical feature already exists in your learning platform. For any questions that you may have, don’t hesitate to open a support ticket with Docebo’s Customer Support via the Communication Center of your platform or contact the Customer Experience Team (if your plan includes this option).

– Unlikely to Implement. The Product Owner responsible for the product area associated with the idea has reviewed your idea, and, unfortunately at this time, there are no plans to implement it. Note that this doesn’t mean that the idea will never be implemented, but it is not aligned with Docebo’s product vision for the next months and is therefore unlikely to be implemented.

– Planned. The Product Owner responsible for the platform area associated with your idea has planned this idea in his or her roadmap within the next months! We’ll let you know when a date will be available for this idea, and when it’s the idea will be shipped.

– Shipped. Docebo has released a feature that stemmed from your idea! Thank you so much for taking the time to enhance not only your learning platform but the platforms of all Docebo customers. For more information on the release, refer to Docebo’s Product Updates page.

– Will Not Implement. The Product Owner responsible for the product area associated with the idea has reviewed your idea, and, unfortunately at this time, it will not be implemented because is it not in line with Docebo’s product vision.

Every time a user adds a comment to an idea or the idea status changes you will receive a notification email if you have subscribed to receive updates for that idea (note that you are automatically subscribed to all ideas you submit). Refer to the graph below for the general flow of idea statuses, with green and red statuses being final statuses and blue statuses to be moved to another status eventually:

Submitting Your Ideas

The Ideas Portal lists all of the ideas submitted by all customers. In order to submit your idea, press the Add a New Idea item at the top of the menu on the left. On the Add New Idea page, enter a title and a detailed description of your idea. While filling the Idea title, the portal may propose you to vote for similar existing ideas, in order to avoid duplicates. Please remember to post your ideas in English, so that it will be easy to understand them for the other people using the Ideas Portal.  Use the text editor bar to customize your text. You can optionally add attachments by pressing the Attach Files link under the text box and upload them from your device. Press Share Idea to upload your idea into the portal.

After posting your idea, it may take up to 16 business hours for your idea to appear to you and to others in the portal while being reviewed by Docebo staff. You will be notified via email during the validation process. Your idea may be approved, or it may be rejected because of several reasons (it is a duplicate of another idea, it is not feasible, etc.). If it is approved, it will then be published in the portal and available for other users to vote for and comment on.


Once it’s been reviewed and approved by Docebo staff, you can access the idea’s page from the My Ideas tab on the left, where you will be able to view and eventually edit it.  Upon creating an idea, you will be automatically subscribed to it, meaning that you will receive a notification via email every time the idea’s status changed, when a comment is posted or when your idea receives a vote.

At any time, you can check your ideas in the My Ideas area of the portal, which is accessible from the menu on the left side of your homepage. From the same menu, you can access the My Votes and the My Subscriptions areas.

Voting and Posting Comments for Ideas

The Ideas Portal homepage lists the ideas submitted into the portal by other Superadmins and by Docebo staff. Ideas can be searched by using the search bar and can be sorted in chronological order (Recent tab), which ideas received the most recent votes (Trending tab), which ideas have the highest number of votes (Popular tab). You can filter ideas depending on their status. Find a list of the available statuses in the Filter By Status area.

You can vote for the idea directly from the list, or click on the idea area to access its page, read more about it, add comments and eventually vote for it. Optionally, you can subscribe to the idea in order to be notified about any change involving it.

You have an unlimited number of votes available and can use one per idea. You cannot vote for the same idea more than once. Ideas will be taken into consideration by Docebo when they reach 100 votes, but the threshold value may be subject to changes.

Best Practices for the Ideas Portal

How to increase the possibility that your idea is accepted

Our product team gets hundreds of ideas and feature requests every day. Which ones are going to make it in the roadmap? How to get your ideas and product enhancements likely to be considered:

  1. When you’re submitting an idea, focus on explaining the problem you want to solve and why solving it is vital to your own needs.
  2. Providing scenarios in which you’ve been affected by the problem or by the lack of the feature you’re submitting to make the problem more clear and provide business justification.
  3. Explaining the problem or the goal of your idea will get more customers to understand and upvote it, making it far more likely to be planned.
  4. If you have a possible design solution in mind, share those ideas as well.

Think like a Product Owner

There are a few decision criteria that are adopted by product teams in any SaaS organization regarding ideas or requests, so you can see what happens:

  • Does it provide value by solving a problem for many customers or for a single one?
  • Does it balance functionality with ease of use and consistency across the platform?
  • Does it balance functionality with effort?
  • Does it adhere to Docebo product vision and roadmap?