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August 4th, 2020

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As an instructor, you have the ability to manage some course settings within the platform for E-Learning, webinar, and classroom courses. To access the course in which you’re an instructor, log into your learning platform, then access your main menu and select the My Courses and Learning Plans.

Find the course tile on this page, then click on the course card to access the course’s main page. You may be redirected to the course’s overview page, or directly to the course player page, depending on Administrator settings.

Please note that the My Courses and Learning Plans page also shows the courses you may be enrolled as a learner. Have a look at the Learner Guide to learn more about navigating your platform as a learner.

Let’s go through all of the permissions you have as the instructor of a course.

Uploading Training Materials in Your Courses

As an instructor, you can upload training materials for the courses you manage. To do so, access the course, press the menu icon in the top right section of the page, then press the Training Materials button that appears below.

On this page, you will see the list of the training materials that are already uploaded within the course. To upload new training material, select the Add Training Material button, then select which type of training material you want to upload, import, or create.

Refer to this section of the Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions on uploading specific types of learning content. Please note that the articles above are written for the perspective of the platform Administrator, therefore some information may not relate to you as a course instructor.

For most training material, you will need to select how users will view the content, a name and description for the content, as well as a thumbnail. Once the new content is successfully created in your platform, it will appear in the list of content on the Training Materials page. From here, you can edit or delete the learning object, or edit the settings and prerequisites.

Managing the Layout and Content of Your Courses

Besides managing training materials, you can also manage the layout of the courses you manage providing additional information on the course, activating forums, and enabling all of the features that you deem necessary for your course.

Once in the Training Material page, select the Add Course Widgets button underneath the training materials area. A pop-up box will appear.

Using the drop-down menu, you can choose among different course widgets.

Viewing Enrollments

As a course instructor, you are able to view all of the users enrolled in the courses that you’re instructing. From the course’s main page, press the menu icon in the top right corner, then select the Enrollments.

The Enrollments page shows the list of all of the learners enrolled in the course, including the learners’ name, whether they are enrolled as a learner or instructor, and their status in the course:

Green Play Button. The user has complete the course.

Yellow Play Button. The user has begun the course but has not yet finished it.

Grey Play Button. The user has not yet begun the course.

Use the search bar at the top to search for a specific learner, sort and filter users by group, branch, enrollment deadline, level within the course, and status within the course.

Please note that as an instructor, you cannot edit enrollments for the courses that you’re instructing. You only have View permissions.

Viewing the Course Report

You can access the report of the course you are viewing by pressing the menu icon in the top right section of the page, then selecting Reports.

More details on how to navigate the report.

Managing Classroom Courses and Webinars

As an Instructor of a classroom course or a webinar, in addition to managing the training materials and the course layout, and viewing the course report, you can also self-enroll into sessions, view sessions’ enrollments and statistics, and evaluate attendance and performance.

From the Enrollments page, press the menu icon at the end of the session’s row to switch to the learner view of the course. When managing classroom courses, you also have the option to manage the course evaluation and attendance and to print the attendance sheet. When managing webinars, you are also entitled to delete sessions.

In the sessions’ row, press the item in the Enroll column to view the session’s enrollments.

Viewing Session Statistics

To view statistics related to the different sessions of a classroom course or a webinar, access the course’s main page, press the menu icon in the top right corner, then select Sessions Statistics. Use the Session dropdown menu to select the session you are interested in.

The data displayed for every session is the following:

  • The percentage and the total number of users who have passed the session
  • The total number of enrolled users.
  • The session total time, in hours
  • The course basic information, including its location, for classroom courses
  • The list of all the users enrolled in the session, with their evaluation status, attendance, and final score, for classroom courses
  • The webinar basic information, including the tool, date, time, and duration, for webinars
  • The list of all the users enrolled in the session, with their evaluation status, and final score, for webinars

Evaluating Users and Marking Attendance (Classroom Courses)

To evaluate learners and mark their attendance in a classroom course, access the course’s Sessions and Enrollments page, then find the session in the list. Press the menu icon at the end of the session’s row, then select Evaluation and Attendance. The following page shows the list of users enrolled in the session. Use the filters at the top of the list to filter users on the basis of their evaluation status, or search for specific users from the search area.

In the last column, press the user icon in the user’s row, changing it from grey to green, to mark the user attendance for the session. To mark the attendance for all users, press the Mark Attendance for All button at the top of the column.

To evaluate a user, press the Evaluate item in the user’s row. In the pop-up box, type the evaluation in the text box and use the Score text box to assign a score to the user. If needed, you can attach a file (such as a certificate) to the evaluation. In the Status section, mark whether the user has passed (the green checkmark button) or not passed (the red signal icon) the session. When you’re finished, press Confirm.

Adding Webinar Recordings

Instructors can add recordings of webinars into webinar sessions. There are three options to do so: add the recording via API, upload a video file, or share a link to a video. To add a webinar recording, access the course’s main page. Find the session in the list for which you would like to upload a recorded webinar session, then press the arrow icon in the session’s section.

Press the Add Recording button at the bottom. In the slideout, flag whether you want to add the recording by uploading a video file or by linking to a video URL. When the video upload is over, press the Confirm button. Please note that the time it takes to import and convert the video depends on its size.

webinar add recording

When the video is ready, a message will inform you that it was successfully converted, and the Add Recording button is replaced with the View Recording button. To delete the recording, press the red X next to this button.

You can only upload one recording per webinar session.