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October 21st, 2020

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DISCLAIMER: Some content in this article outlines how to use functionalities that will be publicly released to all clients at the end of October 2020. If you see differences between this article and your platform, check back at that time for updated content.


The Virtual Coach in your platform is your proactive learning coach, who can guide and steer you continuously through your learning activities and your work within your learning platform. At the moment, you can currently interact with it as follows:

  • Asking for recommended content.
  • Monitoring your learning progress.
  • Asking questions related to content in your platform.
  • Answering multiple-choice questions asked by the Virtual Coach to improve your learning retention based on the learning objects that  you have completed.
  • Receiving push notifications about new content, about content that may interest you or pending tasks to complete.

This article gives you a quick rundown on each of these interactive experiences and how to get the most out of your conversations with your Virtual Coach, as well as how to leave feedback to your Virtual Coach so it can give you the best possible guidance.

Accessing the Virtual Coach from Your Desktop Platform

If you’re logged into your platform on a desktop device, to access your Virtual Coach, press the Virtual Coach button in the top right corner of your platform. Once you press this button, a chat panel will slide out on the right side of your platform, with your chat history on the top part of the panel, and an area to type your messages to your Virtual Coach at the bottom.

Accessing the Virtual Coach from Your Go.Learn (Mobile) App

If you’re logged into your platform on a mobile device using either the Go.Learn app or your company’s own mobile app, to access your Virtual Coach, launch your app and log into it. Then press the Virtual Coach icon in the top right corner. Then, a chat panel will slide up on your screen, with your chat history on the top part of the panel, and your area to type your messages to your Virtual Coach at the bottom.

Asking for Recommended Content

If you’re interested in specific content that may be available in your platform, at any point during or after the completion of your learning progress, ask your Virtual Coach to find both informal (shared by yourself or your peers) and formal learning content (shared by your Administrator in courses and learning plans) that may interest you.

For informal learning content, it may suggest that you take a look at various assets available for you to view in channels or playlists to which you have access to view.

For formal content, it can recommend courses to which you have access, but in which you’re not yet enrolled. Keep in mind that while you may have the opportunity to self-enroll into this formal content, or you may need to purchase the course, depending on how your Admin set up your learning platform.

So how does it work? Ask your Virtual Coach to find content for you. Try using these examples below, or some similar, to start this type of conversation:

  • Recommend a course to me.
  • I want to learn something new.
  • Suggest some new content for me to watch.

You can also ask the Virtual Coach content about a specific topic, using the examples below followed by the topic you’re interested in:

  • Tell me something about…
  • Give me some content on…
  • Do you have anything about…?

Upon asking, it will go through your platform’s deep search, where it uses your search terms to find the most relevant content and provide you with a link to the most relevant asset, taking the manual search work off your hands. 

Monitoring Your Learning Progress

If you’re already enrolled in formal courses or learning plans in your platform, your Virtual Coach is able to let you know which formal learning activities you’re needing to complete. This is incredibly useful if you’re completing onboarding plans or similar types of learning.

Ask your Virtual Coach about any formal learning objects, courses or learning plans that are Not Yet Started or In Progress in your platform, using the examples below as guidance:

  • Do I have any courses in progress?
  • Give me a summary of my enrollments.
  • Is there any course I need to start?

By starting these types of conversations, your Virtual Coach is able to remind you of any pending learning tasks that you’re needing to complete in your platform. Look at the example to check your learning progress via the Virtual Coach.

Asking Questions to Your Virtual Coach

By asking your Virtual Coach questions related to your learning content, it will use your platform’s deep search to find the answer within the content itself. It’s important to note that instead of asking questions related to time and place of when and where the asset was published (i.e. What is the last published asset? Or Give me the most popular asset in the Design channel), you should ask questions that your Virtual Coach can find answers to within the content in your platform, such as:

  • Which antivirus do we use?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • How do I close a deal?
  • How do I log in as a user via API?
  • What is marketing?

Your Virtual Coach will search through all of the informal and formal content within your platform and provide the most relevant answer it can find, directly in the dialogue of your chat. Note that from the time you ask the question, it can take anywhere from 5-20 seconds for your Virtual Coach to find the best answer.

Please Note: The answers provided will always depend on which content you’ve been given permission to view. If the answer is in an asset to which you don’t have granted visibility, your Virtual Coach will not be able to find that asset for you, and therefore it won’t be able to return any answers that might be contained in those assets.

If the Virtual Coach is confident that it has found learning content that is relevant to your question, but it is not 100% sure that the answer is found in said content, it may simply share the link with you.

Answering Quizzes to Improve Your Learning Retention (Beta Feature)

After completing the training materials of the formal courses in your platform, the Virtual Coach will help you in retaining what you have learned by asking you questions with multiple-choice answers from time to time. Quizzes are proposed according to a schedule that uses established neuroscience principles to maximize recall and retention. This learning retention strategy is based on the flashcard memorization techniques and helps you in keeping better memory of the content of your courses.

At this time, quizzes are available in English, for English learning objects only. When your answer is wrong, the Virtual Coach will propose the same quiz card in the next future according to a schedule that is computed based on established neuroscience principles, until it makes sure you have properly retained the information. After you answer a question, the Virtual Coach will ask you if you want to continue your quiz session with other questions.

The number of quizzes available to each learner depends on the number of training materials completed by the learner and on the number of quizzes generated for each training material. Please note that some training materials may not generate quizzes, so it may happen that the Virtual Coach will never ask you quizzes about some of the training materials you have completed. The number of quizzes will increase over time. 

This feature is currently available as a Beta. As such, you may experience some issues while using it. If this happens (for example, you think you have appropriately answered but the Virtual Coach has marked your answer as wrong, or vice versa), feel free to inform us about it by clicking on the Report Problem button. Your feedback will help in the curation of the quiz card repository, and will enable the Virtual Coach to improve its quiz generation capabilities over time.

Notifications from Your Virtual Coach

In case you still have content that is Not Yet Started or In Progress in your learning platform, your Virtual Coach will send you push notifications from time to time to remind you about any content in a course or learning plan that you haven’t yet completed.

Other push notifications may suggest some content in your platform that the Virtual Coach thinks may interest you. In addition, once a week, the Virtual Coach will send you a digest notification listing all of the new courses, content from Docebo Discover, and contributions available for you.

Based on your daily/weekly activities in the platform, the Virtual Coach calculates the most suitable time in your workday/week to send you notifications (and of course the right time differs from learner to learner).

Downloading & Deleting Virtual Coach Conversations

If you want to download or delete your conversations with the Virtual Coach, please contact your platform Administrator. At the moment, you cannot do this by yourself, but in the near future, you will have the possibility to download or delete your conversations directly by your platform.

Providing Feedback

As previously mentioned, you are one of your Virtual Coach’s first friends, so it’s still refining its social skills and capabilities. At this stage, your feedback is really useful. You can give it feedback using the buttons in the conversation that are occasionally presented to you, or by typing your thoughts (in English) about whether the answers provided by your Virtual Coach were useful or not.

If your Virtual Coach provided you with content that wasn’t relevant to what you were looking for or didn’t answer your question, let it know. On the other hand, let it know when it’s doing well so it keeps coaching you the right way!

Best Practices for Your Virtual Coach

Remember: You are one of the first learners to use your Virtual Coach! That means you’ll need to interact with it in specific ways in order to get the most out of it. Keep these thoughts in mind:

  • Your Virtual Coach is trained to find answers within documents, NOT to look for specific documents. So rather than asking for a specific document (i.e. Give me the latest uploaded demo), it will actually need to know what’s in the document (i.e. How many successful demos have turned into signed contracts?).
  • Right now, your Virtual Coach is mono-lingual. Stick to English, but know that it will be multi-language in the future.
  • For now, keep in mind that the Virtual Coach is fairly professional, meaning that it’s still learning how to use colloquial or slang expressions. Think of it like Miyagi from Karate Kid, and feel free to experiment in interacting with it in this type of informal language, but remember it may not always understand.


Does my Virtual Coach share my personal data in my platform with anyone else?

No, your Virtual Coach will not share your personal learning or profile data in your platform with any other users, including your platform Administrators. Every conversation with your Virtual Coach is completely GDPR compliant.

From which devices can I access and speak with my Virtual Coach?

You can access and talk to your Virtual Coach on any device that is supported by your learning platform, both on desktop and mobile. Find more details below, and reach out to your platform Administrator if you need more details about supported systems.

Supported desktop browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

Supported mobile devices: Any mobile devices (including tablets) running on iOS 9 and higher or Android 6.0 and higher.

Can my Administrator (or anyone else) see my conversations with my Virtual Coach?

No, your conversations with your Virtual Coach are strictly personal and are shared between yourself and your Virtual Coach only. Your learning platform will never forward or share any part of your conversations with any other users in the platform, including your Admins.

Can I save or delete my conversation with the Virtual Coach?

By default, your conversation is saved directly in your chat history and is synced between all of your devices, so you can pick up where you left off either on mobile or desktop. While you cannot delete individual messages either sent by yourself or your Virtual Coach, you can delete the entire chat history. You can also save a transcript of your conversation by downloading a CSV file. To complete either one of these actions, refer to the Downloading & Deleting Virtual Coach Conversations section of this article.