Introduction and FAQs for Artificial Intelligence in Docebo

Discover basic questions and answers about Docebo’s Artificial Intelligence

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November 29th, 2018

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Docebo’s artificial intelligence (AI) debuted with the 7.5 release in September 2018. It includes a deeply enhanced global search for content within the platform as well as auto-generated tags for both informal and formal learning content, and suggested learners for users to invite when using the Invite to Watch functionality for informal learning content in the platform.

As with many new features and functionalities in your platform, we want to ensure that you know exactly what’s going on and how to best use these innovative and time-saving features. This document outlines some questions and answers that you may have about Docebo’s artificial intelligence debut.

How does artificial intelligence work in my Docebo platform?

The artificial intelligence in your platform lets your LMS automatically perform some of the actions that you would do manually yourself either as a learner or a Superadmin, such as tagging informal learning content that you contribute to the Coach & Share module or formal training material that you upload into courses or in your Central Repository.

The concept is simple: We use specialized algorithms to safely and securely analyze nearly all of the different types of content that you’re adding into your platform (from PDF to documents, from web links to multimedia and A/V etc.), and find ways to enhance and simplify the learning experience. Learners can use the platform’s global search to find the most relevant content for them without the Superadmin needing to manually tag the content or add additional fields.

Additionally, learners can invite other learners to view their freshly-uploaded informal learning content based on our algorithms’ abilities to analyze both the new content and the historic learning patterns and content preferences of other learners in the platform.

It all happens behind the scenes, never interrupting the learning experience for learners or any work that you may need to perform as a Superadmin.

What do I need to know about how Docebo uses and/or stores the data used in algorithms?

The content and data that are analyzed and used in Docebo’s artificial intelligence algorithms are used only for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of your learners in your specific platform, and all data is anonymized. Docebo does not share or sell any data used for these algorithms, and the artificial intelligence used in the platform is GDPR compliant.

Data is not shared from learner-to-learner, from learner-to-Superadmin (and vice-versa), nor from your platform to Docebo staff.

What about my content that I uploaded in the platform before the 7.5 release?

Even though these innovate artificial intelligence features have been released in Docebo’s 7.5 platform, Docebo realizes that you may have anywhere from dozens to thousands of assets, both informal and formal learning content, already existing in your product, and we don’t want them to miss out on any of the AI fun.

Over the next few months, Docebo will go back through all existing content in all platforms to analyze it to include in the deeper global search functionality, so content that you uploaded before 7.5 will eventually get the Docebo AI experience. Please note that we understand that you may have already added tags to your existing content. In order to avoid potential misalignment in the work you’ve already done, we will not be auto-tagging older content.

Docebo will communicate via the Product Updates page once this process is complete for all content in all learning platforms.

Will Docebo’s artificial intelligence eventually work with content in languages other than English?

Although Docebo’s AI features for auto-tagging and a deeper global search at the moment work for only English content, there is full intention to add the AI capabilities for all languages supported in the platform over time. We will incrementally roll out these capabilities for other languages over the next few months, together with incremental enhancements and maintenance of all AI functionality. Keep an eye on the Product Update page for more information in the future.