How to Manage Background Jobs

Discover how to manage Background Jobs

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October 31st, 2018

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When performing massive actions in your platform, you have the option to run the jobs in the background of your platform, and you don’t need to stay on the action page in the platform to wait for the job to complete. You can logout of the LMS, close the browser, perform other actions on the platform, etc. and the jobs will continue.Please keep in mind, only Superadmins and Power Users can perform these actions and view background jobs. You can view all background jobs that are currently taking place or have already been completed using the Background Jobs page in your platform.

Accessing the Background Jobs Page

To access the Background Jobs page in your platform, login as the Superadmin, then access the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner. In the Admin Menu, find the Advanced Settings section, then press the Background Jobs item.

background jobs access

Managing the Background Jobs Page

On this page, Superadmins can view view all background jobs, while Power Users will only be able to see their own jobs. Superadmins can use the corresponding tabs (View All tab or My Jobs tab) on the left side of the Background Jobs page to switch between viewing all jobs or their own background jobs. Power Users will not see tabs on the Background Jobs page. Rather, they will see a page with a list of their own background jobs. For each job, you will see:

  • A description of the job taking place.
  • Date and start time of the job.
  • Progress bar showing what percent of the job is complete.
  • The running time of the job.
  • The option to be notified when the job is complete.
  • A red X, in case you want to abort the job.
  • An exclamation mark icon, in case there were errors during the job. Please note, if this icon appears, you will also see a number next to the icon indicating how many errors have occurred.

If you click on the Notify Me When Finished item, the text will then turn grey and a check mark will appear, confirming that you will be notified via email when the job is complete. To abort the job, press the red X. The job will then halt, and if there were any errors during the progress made before you aborted the job, the errors icon will appear. The red X will disappear after you click on it. Please note: Once you have aborted a job, you cannot undo this action.

The exclamation mark icon will appear in case there were errors that occurred during the job (for example, if certain users were not imported into the system or enrolled in specific courses). If this icon appears, you can press the number next to this icon to view the details of the errors. At the bottom of the pop up box, you can press the View All item to redirect to the Background Jobs page.