How to Navigate and Manage your Shopping Cart

Manage the shopping cart when purchasing courses or learning plans.

Last Updated

June 5th, 2019

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This article outlines how Learners and Power Users can manage their shopping cart experience when purchasing courses or learning plans via the E-Commerce module in Docebo 7.0 and higher. Please note that the shopping cart does not appear when purchasing subscriptions.

Adding a Course to your Shopping Cart

To add a course to your shopping cart from an internal or external catalog, press the course’s title or photo in the catalog to redirect to the course’s details page. If you’ve selected an ILT-Classroom or Webinar course, select a specific session from the corresponding dropdown menu on the right side of the page.

Press the Add to Cart button on this page to add the course to your shopping cart. If you’re adding a course from an external catalog, enter your login credentials before continuing. You will receive a confirmation message at the top of the page once the course is added.

shopping cart add to cart

You can press the View Cart item in the message to go directly to your shopping cart, or you can continue shopping. Once a course is added into your shopping cart, the corresponding icon will appear in the action bar at the top of your platform. This icon will not appear if your shopping cart is empty.

Please Note: Items in your shopping cart will only remain in the shopping cart in that specific browser session. Items are not stored between sessions, meaning that if you add items into your cart then close your browser, those items will not appear in your shopping cart when you enter your LMS again.

If you are a learner that has already purchased a specific course or session, you can not purchase it again. Only Power Users can repurchase the same course or session multiple times.

Managing the Shopping Cart Page

Once you’ve added courses to your shopping cart, press the shopping cart icon at the top of your interface to reach the main shopping cart page. The page will list all of the items in your cart. Each item will include details, such as course language, number of training materials, and average time it takes to complete the course:

  • For E-Learning Courses. Details will include the number of learning objects available, the average duration, and the language.
  • For ILT-Classroom and Webinar Courses. Details will include which session the learner is purchasing, the number of session dates available, the sum of all session date durations, and language.
  • For Learning Plans. Details will include the number of available courses, the sum total of time for all courses and sessions in the learning plan, and the language.

Use the Seats Number text box to select how many seats you want for that course (only appears for Power Users). For learners, you need to only purchase one seat per course. For Power Users with permission to buy and assign seats for courses and learning plans, you have to ability to purchase multiple seats for a course.

The price of the course will be displayed. Press the red trash can icon to delete the course from your shopping cart.

To add a coupon, press the Apply Coupon button. Please note that coupons are linked to a specific shopping cart. Once you insert the coupon code into corresponding text field, that coupon will be locked until you complete or delete the transaction. This means that you cannot open a new session and use this coupon.

shopping cart main page

If the coupon is not valid, a red warning message will appear at the bottom of the page. This could be the case if the coupon is expired, or if your cart doesn’t reach the minimum monetary amount to which you could apply the coupon.

If the coupon is valid, a green message will appear, alerting you that the coupon was successfully applied. Press the Remove Coupon button if you want to remove the coupon from your cart. If you applied the coupon to a specific course, you will see the total percentage discounted from that course. If you applied the coupon to the entire cart, you will see the total amount of money discounted from the cart.

Please refer to the next section of this article regarding the checkout process.

Transaction Process for Buying Courses

Once you’ve reviewed the items in your shopping cart and you’ve applied your coupons, press the Checkout button in the bottom right corner. If you’re not logged into the platform, the standard login form will be displayed. Fill in your login credentials before continuing.

On the Payment and Billing page, review your items. You can add a coupon or remove an item from your cart, if necessary. Then, flag your payment gateway of choice or select to pay via wire transfer, fill out your billing information in the dedicated area and press Save to confirm the info and save it for the future. Agree to the terms and conditions of the service at the bottom of the page. When ready, press the Confirm Order button.

If you selected to complete your purchase with an electronic payment, manage the payment transaction in the website of the selected provider. When the transaction is complete, you will then be redirected to the confirmation page, where you will see that the payment was either successfully processed or declined:

– Successfully Processed Payment. Your payment process has been completed. You can continue shopping, start the courses, or manage and assign seats (if you are a power user with the given permissions).

– Pending. Your payment is waiting to be approved by the platform Admin. You are in the waiting list of the course until the payment is accepted.

– Declined Payment. Your payment was not successfully completed. You can return to the Payment and Billing page to adjust your payment details, or continue shopping.

If you selected to pay via wire transfer, you will be redirected to the order confirmation page, showing the bank details to execute the wire transfer. Click Order Details for a detailed view of your transaction, including the list of purchased courses and/or learning plans, your billing information and the bank account details. You can print or save this page from your browser. Depending on how the Admin configured the platform, you may also receive a notification (New wire transfer transaction) with the bank details to proceed with your payment.

It may take a few days before your payment is confirmed, and you will be placed in the course waiting list till then.

Once you the payment for your course has been received, you will find the course in the My Courses and Learning Plans page, accessible from the main menu.

Buying Courses for Other Users (As a Power User):

As a Power User, you can purchase courses directly for other users (if given permission by your platform’s Administrator, and ONLY if the user is able to view and purchase the course themselves from a catalog to which they have visibility). Please note that you cannot purchase a course as a Power User on behalf of other users if you are enrolled into the course that you’re trying to purchase. Once you’ve added an item into your shopping cart, access the cart from the corresponding icon in the header of your platform.

On the Payment and Billing page, review your items. At the top of this page, flag the option at the top to Enable payment on behalf of another registered user. Please note that as a Power User, you cannot flag this option and purchase multiple seats. You can only purchase one seat for one user for a course or learning plan.

At the top of the page, use the Select User field to type the name of the user for which you’re purchasing the item. Now, follow the instructions in the section above to complete the order. Please note that this functionality was designed to be used when a Power User purchases a course on behalf of another user using the payment method and information of said user. Therefore, you should insert the payment and billing information of the end user that will receive the course.

Once the order is completed successfully, the item will appear in the learner’s My Courses and Learning Plans area of his or her platform. Administrators can view user purchases by accessing the Admin Menu, then selecting the Transactions item in the E-Commerce section. On this page, you can see all transactions, including who completed the purchase and if a Power User purchased an item on behalf of another user.

Buying Courses from a Content Partner

When purchasing a course from a content partner for which you’re an affiliate in the platform, you may be able to buy the course for a special affiliate price, depending on how your Administrator is selling the course. Please note that this may not be available for all courses associated with content partners.

The affiliate price is the standard price of the course with a specific discount applied for affiliates of the content partner associated with the course. You can always check if you are an affiliate of a course from the My Profile area.

Please Note: If you want to use the affiliate discount when purchasing a course that is assigned to a content partner of which you are an affiliate, a coupon from the platform cannot be used in conjunction with the affiliate discount. When purchasing courses, you can only use one or the other.