Sharing Courses on Social Networks

Share your learning activities on the major social networks directly from your platform

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July 23rd, 2020

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You can share your learning activities on the major social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn directly from your platform. You can enable this option globally in your platform, as well as for individual courses.

Configuring Social Sharing Globally

In order to enable and configure social sharing settings that will be applied by default to all new and existing courses, access the platform as Superadmin, then reach the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner. In the Settings section, select the Advanced Settings subitem, then move the Social & Rating tab.

By default, users are not allowed to share the course information on any social network, but if you want to allow that option, choose the relevant preferences according to your needs. First, decide if you want to let users share their courses at anytime or only when they have completed a course. You can also flag the option to allow them to share their course scores, if a score is provided.

Then, choose which social networks you want to enable for sharing: Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Google Plus. Once inside a course, users will be able to select the social network icon to share the course accordingly. By clicking on the shared post on the social platform, friends and followers will be redirected to the course’s page. Remember that the course access is based on course visibility; if someone clicks on the link without being a registered user in the platform, they will not be able to access any page of the platform.

Configuring Social Sharing at Course Level

Independently from the social sharing settings, you have configured, you can set custom social sharing settings for individual courses. To do so, access the Admin Menu, then select Course Management in the E-Learning section. Find the course in the list, click on its description, and once in the course area, move to the Advanced Properties tab.

Then, reach the Social & Rating tab and flag the option to enable custom settings for this course. Follow the instructions outlined in the previous section of this article to configure the social sharing settings. Remember that the settings set at course level always override the global settings. Press Save Changes when finished.