Managing Coupons for E-Commerce

Promote your E-Commerce with discount coupons

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September 25th, 2020

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The E-Commerce app offers the possibility to create and manage coupons that final users can use to get discounts when purchasing one or more courses. Coupons can trigger amount or percentage discounts and can become part of your marketing strategy to engage customers with your training program.

Creating a Coupon

In order to create a new coupon, log in as the Superadmin, access the Admin Menu by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner. Find the E-Commerce section and select the Coupons subitem.

In order to create a new coupon, click on the plus button in the top right corner of the page. Define a code for the coupon, or click Generate to automatically create a random one. Set a description for your coupon. Since users will see the coupon description when using it, make it as clear and effective as possible. Press Create and Edit to proceed with the creation procedure.

Coupon codes must be unique. It is not possible to re-use them, even after they have expired or have been deleted.

Defining the Coupon Details

The creation procedure will redirect you to the Coupon Properties page. Once in this page, move to the Details section to set the coupon validity defining whether the coupon is valid for a predefined period, or has no expiry date.

Set whether the coupon can be used to get discounts upon purchasing any course and learning plan (also created in the future) by flagging the Assign this coupon to all of the existing and future courses and learning plans option. When this option is not activated, you will need to configure the courses where the coupon can be used after the coupon creation, as described later in this article.

Select now the coupon always applicable option if the coupon is usable by all users, the single-use coupon option to limit the coupon usage to one time per user, or select the single-use coupon with limited usage option to make the coupon usable by a set number of users. The coupon code will be deactivated after being used by the set number of users.

In the Discount section, define the discount value, either a percentage or an amount discount and optionally configure if a minimum cart amount is needed in order for the coupon to be applied.

Associating Courses to the Coupon

If you have not enabled the option Assign this coupon to all of the existing and future courses and learning plans, move to the Assigned Courses tab, click on the plus button in the top right corner of the page, and select the courses and the learning plans where the coupon will be usable.

If you enabled the option, the coupon will be usable in all courses and learning plans and you will not need to go through the manual selection.

Checking the Coupon Usage

You can check the coupon usage by moving to the Used By tab. This page lists all of the users who took advantage of the coupon codes and includes information about the transaction amount, and the usage date.

Hover your mouse over the menu icon at the end of the row and select View Transaction to see more details about the payment method and status.

Best Practices

There are several options for sending or displaying coupon codes to a specific branch or group of users. The coupon code could be sent outside the platform via a newsletter or in the body of a specific notification, such as the User has been created (by administrator) notification. The coupon code could also be shared inside the platform by being placed in a custom content box widget on the learner’s homepage.