Managing Docebo Discover

Learn how to activate and manage Docebo Content

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March 12th, 2020

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Docebo Discover, available for free for all Discover, Coach & Share users, provides personalized, aggregated content from various sources on the web to learners directly in the learning platform, in the My Areas of Interest channel.

Use Case Scenarios

As a Superadmin, activate Docebo Discover to motivate and engage your learners to grow in the areas that they want to develop with a free content stream tailored to their areas of choice. Thanks to this personalized growth tool, learners will feel more invested in your learning program and more willing to use the platform. 

Since learners select their areas of interest on their own, and the platform artificial intelligence automatically identifies and organizes content to propose to them, you, as the Superadmin are freed from time-consuming manual content selection and skill mapping.

Activating Docebo Discover

Docebo Discover activates when the My Areas of Interest channel is activated. To do so, log into the platform as the Superadmin, access your Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of your platform, then press the Channels item in the E-Learning section. In the list of channels on this page, find the My Areas of Interest channel, then press the grey checkmark in the channel’s row, switching it to green, to activate it.

Once you press the checkmark, read the message in the pop-up box, then press Activate. When this channel is activated, all of your users will be prompted to fill out their areas of interest upon their next login to the platform, as described in this article

Docebo Discover content counts in your platform’s Active Users report. This means that once a learner presses the content’s title and opens a link to the content, he or she is counted as an active user (in the case that the learner is not already active).

When the My Areas of Interest channel is activated from the Channels management area, a new channel will be made available for your learners (given that you assign them visibility to the channel using the process outlined in this article). This channel can be accessed both from the All Channels page, or from the My Areas of Interest built-in page that is automatically added to all of your active menus in the platform upon activating the My Areas of Interest channel. You can manage the visibility of the My Areas of Interest page as any other page in the platform as described in this article.

Configuring Docebo Discover

Once a learner has told the platform which areas he or she is interested in, the My Areas of Interest channel will then populate with aggregated content from around the world related to those areas, spurring the growth of your learners without a lot of manual work needed by you. To learn more about what learners will need to do once Docebo Discover is activated, refer to this article.

Since learners can share the content available in this channel with other learners or save it on their personal channel, remember to make the My Channel page available in the user menu. When sharing the content with other users, they are invited to watch it according to the same rules of the Invite to Watch functionality. Refer to this article for further info on how to configure this functionality.