Managing Questions, Answers and Comments

Ask questions, provide answers and comment assets and courses

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July 8th, 2020

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In your learning platform, you may be able to actively contribute to the training program of your company by uploading your content to channels and sharing it with your colleagues. In turn, you can take advantage of the contributions posted by other people to extend your knowledge, and organize content into playlists.

You can also receive comments and questions on your contributions, or comment and ask questions to other people on the content they uploaded. If your contribution to the training program is valuable, you can be designated as the Expert for that area by your platform Admin. Let’s take a deep dive into the questions and answers mechanism, and into the possibility to use comments to interact with other users. 

Asking Questions to Experts

As a learner, you have the opportunity to ask questions to channels’ experts by clicking on the Ask the Expert button on the top right corner of the channel page or from the following areas of your platform:

  • The platform homepage
  • The Questions & Answers page
  • The Ask the Expert page
  • The My Channel page
  • The All Channels page

Independently from the area where you access this functionality, a slideout panel will open on the right. Type your question into the text box, insert a link or an image. Then, choose the channel to which you would like to assign your question, so that the expert of the selected channel will be notified.

Finally, add tags to your question to make it more searchable and improve its categorization. Press the Ask the Expert button at the bottom of the panel to complete your action.

The question will be visible to everyone in the Questions & Answers page (accessible from the main menu), so that anyone interested in the topic can follow the thread and receive notifications whenever a new answer is posted. 

Depending on how the platform Administrator set the platform, any user or Experts only will be allowed to answer your question.

Asking Questions in Courses

You can ask questions on the course content directly from the course player page, unless the course overview page is shown. If so, move to the Questions and Answers tab. Select a learning object from the dropdown menu, ask the question in the text box and press New Question. Administrators and Instructors of the course can then answer the question.

Questions will be listed in the dedicated area. From here, select a learning object from the list to view all the questions and answers associated to it. Questions can be evaluated and answered by anyone enrolled in the course, but can be deleted by the owner of the question and by Administrators.

Answering Questions

If you are allowed to answer questions asked for courses or assets, click on Answer Now under the question itself. Insert the answer into the corresponding text box and press Answer.

Please note that it is not possible to attach files to the answer. 

The Questions and Answers Page

Access the Questions and Answers page from the main menu to see the questions and answers related to all the channels, courses and assets that are visible to you.

Questions can be sorted from newest to oldest, or from oldest to newest using the Sort By dropdown menu. Press the Filter button at the top of the page to filter threads by question type, or according to the channel the thread belongs to (remember that when you filter by channel, Q&As linked to the channel, and also Q&As linked to courses and assets within the channel you selected are shown within the results on the page). You can also apply a handful of other filters such as new questions, new best answers, open questions, my questions, my answers, and questions that you’re following.

The right side of the page displays the number of new questions and new best answers since your last time visiting the page, the top 10 channels in your platform by popularity (the number of questions and answers shown here includes Q&As linked to the channel, and to courses and assets within the channel), and the top 10 Q&A experts by popularity in your platform.

Please note that all of these statistics are specific to the channels to which you have visibility, except for the top 10 Q&A experts by popularity statistics which are global for your platform and not specific.

To view all of the details related to a question, find the question on the page, then press the View All button to redirect to the question’s page. The question is displayed at the top of the page. Press the ellipsis icon in the top right corner of the question to Follow it (or to Unfollow it). 

All of the answers are listed under the question. You can sort them from newest to oldest (default order) or vice-versa using the Sort By dropdown menu. Each answer displays the user’s name and photo, the response, and how long ago the answer was posted. As a user, you can evaluate all the answers, selecting either a thumbs up or down icon at the bottom of the question’s section, depending on how beneficial you find the answer to be.

Once someone has answered your question, you, as the question’s owner, are able to mark one of the answers as the Best Answer by pressing the corresponding button on the question’s item. Only one answer can have the Best Answer classification, but as the question’s owner, you can switch which answer has this classification when desired.

Commenting in Courses

You may be able to leave comments for a course in a dedicated area under the course player. If enabled, write your comment in the free text area and press Comment to publish it. 

Once a comment is posted, it will be listed in the area under the Comments box for other users to see. You can edit and delete the comments you posted, while Administrators can only delete them.

Commenting on Assets

Along with questions, you can also leave comments on informal learning assets. On the asset’s page, below the asset player and description, press Comment to leave a comment on the asset, type it into the corresponding text box, then press Post.

Once the comment is posted, you will see it in the list of questions, answers, and comments below. You can filter the items by choosing to see only questions and answers, only comments, or both. You can also choose whether you want to view the newest to oldest, or vice-versa. All posted comments can be evaluated by other users and deleted by you or the Administrator, just like questions.

Note on the Text Editor

The text editor embedded in the platform and used for the management of questions, answers and comments is Froala. Refer to the Froala Knowledge Base for further information on its usage.