Managing the Time Options for Courses

Learn how to configure the time options for your courses.

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May 22nd, 2019

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DISCLAIMER: Some content in this article outlines how to use functionalities with the new Course Management. Check out this article for further info.


Docebo allows you to adjust time options for courses, such as the start and end dates. By managing the time options for a course, you have control on when learners can start a course and how much time they have to complete it, depending on your settings.

Begin by accessing the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of your platform. Then, find the Course Management option in the E-Learning section. On the main Course Management page, find the course in the list of courses, click on its description to access the course area and move to the Advanced Properties tab.

Move to the Time Options tab.

Configuring Time Options for E-Learning Courses

After accessing the Time Options tab for an E-learning course, you can configure the following options:

– Start Date. Set the first available date for users to start playing the course and accessing training material.

– End Date. Set the course closing date. Starting from this date, the course and its training material will no longer be accessible to users. Please note that if you change the end date of a course, the new end date will only apply to users enrolling into the course after the date has changed.

– Soft Deadline. When a soft deadline is enabled, the course and its training material can be accessed by users even after the end date has passed.

– Days of Validity. Use this option to activate a validity period for users to attend the course, and set whether days will be counted starting from the day the user enrolls to the course or starting from the day the user accesses the course for the first time. If you change these settings after some users have already enrolled or accessed the course, the new calculation will not be applied to them, and will only affect users enrolling or accessing the course after your change. Still, you can force the new settings to be applied to all users by enabling the Update the expiration date for any users that have already started the course option. When this option is enabled, users will see the number of remaining days to access the course in the Enrollment section of the course.

– Average Time for Course. Use this option to set how much time users should take to complete the course. This value is displayed in the course Details page if the course is in a catalog. By setting the average time for completion, Admins and Instructors can run reports to compare the actual completion times against the estimated completion times for the course.

Configuring Time Options for Classroom Courses and Webinars

Time options for webinars and classroom courses only include the possibility to set the course days of validity.

This option allows you to set the number of days users are allowed to access the course area in the platform after the course has ended to check the course details and training material.