Managing the Time Options of a Course

Learn how to configure the various time options for your courses.

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February 6th, 2019

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Docebo allows you to adjust time options for courses in regards to the start and end dates. By updating the time options for a course, you can control when learners are able to begin a course and how long they have to complete the course based on the settings you set.

Accessing the Course’s Advanced Settings

Begin by accessing the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of your platform. Then, find the Courses option in the E-Learning section. On the main Course Management page, find the course in the list of courses, then press the menu icon at the end of the course’s row. Press the Advanced Settings item from the dropdown menu. In the Advanced Settings menu, select the Time Options tab.

Time Options for Courses

course time options

Once you’ve accessed the Time Options tab, there are various settings that you can configure:

– Start Date. By entering a date here, you can designate when the course is open for users and learners to start playing and completing learning objects in the course.

– End Date. By entering a date here, this will allow you to determine a date when the course is closed and no longer accessible to users. This means that learners will no longer be able to access any learning objects in the course. Please note that if you change the end date of a course, it will only apply to users that are enrolled into the course after you’ve changed the date. Any users that were enrolled in the course will still have the original end date until you manually change it for the users.

– Soft Deadline. A soft deadline can be applied if you wish to allow users and learners to enter a course after the end date has already passed.

– Days of Validity. If you would like to configure a course to be open for only a certain amount of days (i.e. “this course is open for 30 days”) then you can insert the number of days you would like for the course to be open in the text box in this field. Below the text box, you can then designate whether you want the course to be open 30 days after the first time the learner accesses the course or 30 days from when they are enrolled into the course. Simply check the box to indicate which option you prefer.

Additionally, you are able to apply your change to users that have enrolled into the course before you applied this change. Please keep in mind that this may not apply to all previously enrolled users, depending on whether or not they’ve already completed the course or not. Rather, flagging this option makes the days of validity that you set retroactive for the previous course enrollments. From then on, you will be able to view the number of days each single student has left by accessing the Enrollment section of the course.

– Average Time for Course. For this setting, you are able to indicate how long the course should take the learner to complete. This will show up on a course’s Details page if the course is in a catalog, so users can see how long they will need in order to complete the course. By setting the average time for completion, Admins and Instructors can run reports to compare the actual completion times against the estimated completion times for the course.

When you’re finished configuring the time options for the course, press Save Changes.