Transitioning to Go.Learn: Docebo’s New Mobile App

Learn how to transition to Docebo’s new and improved Mobile App, Go.Learn.

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January 7th, 2021

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Go.Learn, Docebo’s new mobile app has been released at the end of July 2018. You will find all of the features that were available on the older Mobile LMS app, and new functionalities will be rolled out gradually over time. Upon your first access to Go.Learn, you will see a completely revamped modern user interface and experience. Admins also have new settings that can be configured from the desktop platform in order to manage the look and feel of the mobile app.

This document answers common questions that you may have regarding the transition between Mobile LMS and Go.Learn. If you have further questions, reach out to your Customer Experience Representative (if your plan includes this option) or the Help Desk team from the Communication Center. Refer to the table for information on the current status of Docebo’s mobile experience:



Do I need to sign up for the Go.Learn app?

No. Go.Learn is a core feature of Docebo, so it is available to every customer with an Apple or Android device.

Do I need to let my users know about the Go.Learn app?

Yes. The old Mobile App will not inform users about the availability of Go.Learn until the old app is retired at the end of August 2018. After that date, the old app will no longer be available, and the user will be notified about the switch with instructions outlining how to download and access Go.Learn. The message will contain a link redirecting them to their phone’s app store.

What are the supported operating systems for Go.Learn?

Go.Learn will run on devices using iOS 10 or higher or Android 6.0 and higher.

Am I, as the Superadmin, able to determine when to switch my LMS between the old Mobile App and Go.Learn?

All platforms receive Go.Learn at the same time, and the deprecation date of the old Mobile App is the same date for all clients. There is no possibility to postpone or change the date of Go.Learn’s release on a client-by-client basis.

Can I still access my Mobile LMS? If so, for how long?

If you are using the old Mobile App, it will be up, running and downloadable from the app stores until you update to Go.Learn or until the old Mobile App is retired, at the end of August 2018. After the app is retired, some warning messages will prompt you to switch to Go.Learn. Please remember that all of the features from Mobile LMS are readily available in Go.Learn.

Are there any limitations for Go.Learn?

As with any mobile app, you may find some limitations. Refer to this article to learn more.

Will Go.Learn be available on tablets as well?

Yes, Go.Learn is still available for tablets that run on our supported mobile operated systems.

Will the settings that I configured as an Admin in the old Mobile App be automatically applied to Go.Learn?

No. Unfortunately, the settings of the old Mobile App are not compatible with the new one. Go.Learn has several new settings to create a better look, feel and experience for your users. Refer to this article to learn more.

Will my learning content transfer automatically to Go.Learn?

All online content is synced with Docebo servers, so you will not lose anything. However, any content that was downloaded to play in the app’s offline mode may have lost tracking if you did not switch back to online mode between the update from the old Mobile App to Go.Learn. Any training material downloaded in the Old Mobile App for offline mode will need to be downloaded again in Go.Learn.

Will Go.Learn be compliant with GDPR?

Go.Learn will adhere to GDPR compliance standards. Users will be able prompted to accept the privacy policy (if activated in your platform) if they register within the app or if they haven’t yet accepted the most recent privacy policy version of your platform upon logging into the app.

Will all of the SSO solutions of the old Mobile App also be available in Go.Learn?

Yes. With Go.Learn, you can use SAML, OKTA, Google Apps and Gmail.