Docebo Monthly Release: Questions & Answers

Everything you need to know about monthly releases in your learning platform.

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January 7th, 2021

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Starting in February 2020, your Docebo learning platform will shift the frequency of its release cycles from 3-4 larger releases each year to smaller releases at the end of each month. This new release cycle stems from extensive research and many conversations with customers regarding what you want to see from your learning platform moving forward and how Docebo can better set up your learning programs for success.

This article outlines common questions and answers regarding the monthly release cycle. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel encouraged to open a case ticket with Docebo’s Customer Support via the Communication Center of your platform or contact our Customer Experience team.

Why are you moving to monthly releases?

The transition from 3-4 major releases per year to smaller, monthly releases comes from a major theme in conversations with our customers over the past few months. To put it simply, we want to give you the new or updated features that you’re asking for in your Docebo learning platform as soon as they’re ready, so you can leverage them sooner to keep your learning program thriving. 

Does this mean you’re going to be releasing more features throughout the year?

No, the number of features that are being updated or added in your platform throughout the year won’t increase or decrease. Rather, Docebo has carefully planned each month to meet your learning program needs without overwhelming you with changes every few weeks. Rest assured, we won’t be changing your platform constantly and asking you to keep up with those changes.

What about my Admins? Is this going to create more work for them?

No, as we fully realize that your Admins’ time is critical, and overloading them with new or updated features to learn and leverage may result in loss of time for them. That’s the opposite of what we want to achieve together. See the question below to understand how we’ve accomplished this.

How do you decide what’s released each month?

The monthly release for each month took a lot of consideration and calculation to ensure a correct balance of value and impact. Here’s what we kept in mind during our planning:

– Time to leverage new or updated features. We calculated the average time it would take for your Admins to understand and leverage the updates, and how quickly it would take your learners (when applicable) to pick it up.

– Ideas from the Ideas Portal. We’ve taken a deep dive into your awesome ideas (thank you!) with the highest number of votes and ensured that each monthly release includes some of these ideas.

– Who will be impacted. Naturally, many new or updated features may not be important or necessary for your learning programs, such as updates to certain integrations (i.e. improvements to our Salesforce integration) or features that only specific customers may need depending on how they’re using their learning platform (i.e. the E-Signature feature for compliance).

– What we’re releasing next month & what we released last month. As described above, we won’t overwhelm your Admins with new features and big changes every few weeks, which is why we’ve not only drilled down on the details of every single monthly release, but we’ve also looked at what the big picture looks like for your Admins and ultimately for your business.

– YOU! At the end of the day, what matters most to us is that your learning platform plays at least a small part in the success of your learning programs and the positive impact that it has on your business. This shift to monthly releases is a step that we take together.

Where can I find what’s going to be released each month?

The Product Updates page on Docebo’s website will always give you the latest updates about what was recently released in the latest monthly update, what is coming next month, and important dates to remember in regards to your learning platform, and detailed release notes for every single weekly and monthly update. This is your go-to source for all Docebo product updates.

What about the weekly maintenance releases? Are those still happening?

Yes, the small maintenance releases will still happen every week in your platform, and will help keep your platform running smoothly and consistently to ensure that there are no interruptions for you or your learners.

How will I know when you’ve completed the monthly release?

Once we’ve completed a monthly release, we’ll send your Admins a message in your platform’s Communication Center, and we’ll send an email to your Product Contact (from your platform’s Advanced Settings) as well. The Product Updates page on Docebo’s website will always have the latest details on what’s happening in your learning platform.

I’ve submitted an idea in your Ideas Portal. When will it be released?

First and foremost, THANK YOU for taking the time to suggest ways to improve your learning platform. This helps us understand the most pertinent issues our clients are facing at large and how we can help solve them.

Docebo receives several new ideas each day, and our Product Team takes time to carefully review these ideas to understand how and when we can make some of them come to life. The best way to know the status of a specific idea is by referring to the idea itself. As we mentioned above, several of your ideas with the highest amount of votes will be released in the monthly releases.