Creating Content in Multiple Languages via the Multi-language Selector

Discover how to user your platform’s multi-language selector

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June 27th, 2018

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Using the Multi-language Selector

By default, when you’re creating text content in your platform, the content will be the same in all languages, but you can also create the same content in multiple languages in case your users are accessing the platform in various languages.

For example, if you have learners in the United States and learners in France, you can create the same content in both English and French, rather than duplicating and tracking two different pieces of content.

To create the same content in multiple languages, press the globe icon in the Select fields language section. Then, switch the Assign same content to all languages toggle from green to grey to disable this option. In the language dropdown menu that appears below, find the language for which you want to create the custom content, then press the A icon in the language’s row (anywhere in the language’s row).


In the slideout panel, you will see that new fields for that language appear. Fill out the fields for the language, then repeat this process for any language in which you want the content to appear in the platform. When you’ve added content for all of the desired languages, press Submit.

In the languages dropdown menu (access from the globe icon), languages in which this content has been created are marked with a blue A icon, rather than a grey one.

Where can I use the Multi-language Selector?

This multi-language selector can be used in the following areas of your platform: