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March 3rd, 2020

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Depending on your platform settings, you may be asked to identify your areas of interest, on the basis of your job role and your skills. After you tell the platform which areas you are interested in, your platform then will then populate the My Areas of Interest channel with fresh aggregated content from around the world related to those areas so that you can learn more about the topics and skills you would like to work on. This area is updated every three hours, but remember that not all of the updates may include content that is relevant to you.

Defining Your Areas of Interest

When the My Areas of Interest functionality is activated in your platform, upon logging in you will see a pop up informing you that a new channel is available for you to discover new content. Click Let’s Start to define the areas you would like to work on.

Start typing your work activity, select one of the available options proposed by the autocomplete function and press Next to proceed. Select now up to 10 areas of interest among those proposed by the platform, or look for other ones manually. Press Next and rate yourself on the areas you have selected so that the platform artificial intelligence can better select content that is in line with your level, and finally select Save to complete the process. 

You will be automatically redirected to the My Areas of Interest channel already populated with content related to all the areas you have selected. Use the Filters area to filter the displayed content according to one or more areas or to the content publication period. You can reach this channel at any time either from the All Channels page or from the My Areas of Interest page. 

You can change your activity description or your areas of interest at any time by accessing the My Areas of Interest section of the My Profile area of your platform, accessible from your main menu. 

Managing Content in the My Areas Of Interest Channel

The content populating this channel is collected by the artificial intelligence of your platform every few hours. If a piece of content is not relevant to you, mark it as Not Interesting by clicking on the menu icon of the content card, and selecting Not Interesting. This action will also help the platform to track unwanted content and to improve its future content suggestions. 

In order to see the content, click on its card. You will be redirected to a platform page dedicated to the content, where you will also find a link to access it from the original source. You can mark the content as Not Interesting from the content page as well, by clicking on the ellipsis menu in the content description area, and selecting the Not Interesting option.

Saving and Sharing Content from the My Areas of Interest Channel

The content displayed in the My Areas of Interest channel is continuously refreshed and you may lose track of something you find interesting. If you wish to save the content on your platform, or share it with other learners, you can do so either when finishing watching the content, when prompted by the platform, or from the content page. Click on the Share Content icon in the top right corner and select whether to share the content on one or more channels, with other people or to save it for yourself. 

When sharing the content on channels, select the corresponding option and select one or more channels among the ones proposed by your platform, or look for other channels manually. Please note that the content shared by the platform Admin from the My Areas of Interest channel will not go through the peer review process, even when the selected channel has an expert assigned to it. The peer-review process will be carried out as usual for the content uploaded by learners.

Select People to invite other users to watch the content, selecting them from the ones suggested by your platform, or manually looking for them. The platform always suggests you invite all the users with visibility on the channel where you have published your content, so that they are aware that there is something new for them. When selecting this option, the content is automatically saved on My ChannelWhen users are invited to watch the content you are sharing, they will receive a notification via email, Slack or in the Notification Center, depending on how your Administrator configured it. 

If you want to save the content for yourself, select Only Me. The content will be saved on My Channel but you will be able to invite other learners to watch it at any time.

When content is either shared with other people or saved on your private channel, a page will be automatically created for it in the platform, as for any other asset uploaded via the Contribute functionality. 

Please note that it is not possible to edit the details of external content at sharing time, you can do so only after saving the content in a channel, when it becomes an asset, like any other contribution.