Certificates: View and Download

Discover how to download certificates.

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July 23rd, 2020

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A certificate is a document confirming your participation in and completion of a course or a learning plan. It’s available for some (but not all) courses and learning plans. Your trainer will inform you if the course or the learning plan you are attending is associated with a certificate.

Downloading a Certificate

In order to download a certificate you have been awarded to, access the platform main menu, and select My Activities, then select the tab corresponding to the course type (courses, classrooms, external training, learning plans or webinars) and click on the certificate icon at the end of the course row.

Remember that the icon is visible only after you obtained the certificate.

In addition, certificates for learning plans can be downloaded from the learning plan page, upon completing the learning plan.

Remember that certificates for learning plans are issued only when you have completed ALL of the courses within a learning plan. This also applies if you are only enrolled in a few, but not all, of the courses within a learning plan.