Part Nine: Navigating and Completing Learning Plans

Discover how to navigate and complete courses within learning plans.

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June 14th, 2019

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A Learning Plan is an educational program composed of different courses. All of your learning plans are found in the My Courses and Learning Plans page on your platform. To access the learning plan, press the title or the photo on the learning plan’s tile.

On the learning plan’s main page, you will see your learning plan progress and other general information and details about it. If you have not yet started the learning plan, press the Start Learning Now button to begin the first course of the learning plan. If you’ve started the learning plan but have not yet completed it, press the Resume Where You Left Off button to continue learning.

learning plan

Below, there is a list of all of the courses within the learning plan. Some courses may be marked with a padlock to indicate that you have to complete the previous course before you can access the following one. Courses are also marked by a status icon, that is colored or grey according to the number of lessons completed.

Please note that when you unenroll from a learning plan, you don’t unenroll from the courses within the learning plan.

Select the course name to be redirected to the training materials. Refer to the corresponding sections of this user guide to learn how to navigate E-Learning, webinar, or classroom courses.

Sometimes, you can also obtain a certificate once you’ve completed a learning plan. You will find the certificate in the My activities page, under the Learning Plans tab. Refer to the certificate section of this user guide to learn more about certificates.

Once you’ve accessed a course within a learning plan, you can play the learning objects in the course as normal (see previous sections about navigating courses). View the learning plan navigation bar on the bottom of the page to see the learning plan details, and how far along you are in the learning plan.

learning plan training material

Using the panel on the right side of the page, you can view the learning objects within the course that you’re currently viewing.

course autoplay

If you want to set the course autoplay option, begin by accessing the Admin Menu from the gear icon in the top right corner of your platform. Then, select the Courses menu in the E-Learning section. Find the course of your interest in the courses table, and select the ellipsis icon at the end of the course row. Choose the Advanced Settings option from the dropdown menu that opens by selecting the ellipsis icon. On the Settings page, you’ll find the Course Player tab. Here, in the Course autoplay section of the tab, you can choose to enable custom autoplay for the course by flagging the first checkbox. The second checkbox is now activated. By selecting it, the first learning object of the learning plan will play directly upon reaching this page. If you’re resuming the courses within the learning plan, the item in progress will directly play.