On-Site Learning: Classroom Courses

Discover how to use your learning platform for classroom courses.

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August 17th, 2020

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Classroom courses are courses that you physically attend in a classroom, with other learners. Classroom courses can last for more than one day and can include different sessions. Even if you will attend these courses live, they are listed in your platform for several reasons, such as providing you with all the necessary information on how to get to the place where the course is held, hosting training material online (that you can use before, during or after the training), tracking your attendance and progress.

The Classroom Course Page

Once you select a classroom course from the My Courses and Learning Plans page,  you will land on the classroom course overview page, which shows the course’s thumbnail and other course or session details.  A map with location details can show you where to attend your classroom sessions. Using the session dropdown menu next to the course’s photo, you will find a list of all of the sessions in which you’re enrolled. The item directly above the list of sessions allows you to decide whether to view the sessions in the location’s local time or in your local time (if they are different).

By pressing the arrow at the end of a session’s section, you can view details of the session, such as the time, classroom, and additional information about the location, such as the number of available seats and if wifi is available.

Depending on Administrator settings, the Overview tab may show additional information on the course, or interactive sections, such as a Comments area or a Forum. Move to the Content tab to see any training material that may accompany your session. Press on the title of the learning object to access the object.

Evaluation and Attendance

When the course ends, you may be evaluated by the instructor. This evaluation will be visible in the session section on the course main page, Overview tab.