Part Seven: Managing Webinar Courses

Discover how to manage webinar courses that you’re instructing.

Last Updated

August 7th, 2018

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3 min

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As an Instructor of a webinar course, you are able to self-enroll into webinar sessions, add training materials to the course, manage the course layout, view session enrollment, view session statistics, and add webinar recordings.

Self-Enrolling into Webinar Sessions

Your Administrator may have enrolled you into specific webinar sessions within the webinar course that you’re instructing. If not, you can self-enroll yourself into sessions. To do so, access the webinar’s courses main page from the My Courses and Learning Plans section of your platform.

webinar self enroll

On the webinar’s main page, you will see a list of sessions. Press the arrow icon in the session’s section, then press the Self Enroll button. Once you’re enrolled, you will be redirected to that session’s page, where you can see details about the session.

Adding Training Materials & Managing Course Layout

Just like with E-Learning courses, you can also add training materials and activate course widgets for webinar courses. To learn how to do so, refer to the corresponding sections in the beginning of this user guide.

Viewing Session Enrollment

You can view all learners enrolled into the sessions that you are instructing. To do so, press the ellipsis icon in the top right corner of the course’s main page, then press the Sessions and Enrollments button that appears below. On the course’s Sessions and Enrollments page, you will see a list of all of the sessions for the course. In the sessions’ row, press the item in the Enroll column to view the session’s enrollments.

webinar enrollment

The Enrollments page will show you a list of all of the learners enrolled into the course. Each learner’s item will have the learner’s name, whether they are enrolled as a learner or instructor, and their status in the course:

  • Green Play Button. The user has complete the course.
  • Yellow Play Button. The user has begun the course, but has not yet finished it.
  • Grey Play Button. The user has not yet begun the course.

Use the search bar at the top to search for a specific learner. You can also use the Advanced Search functionality to sort and filter the users by group, branch, enrollment deadline, level within the course, and status within the course. Please note that as an instructor, you cannot edit enrollments for the courses that you’re instructing You can only view the enrollments.

Viewing Session Statistics

To view statistics related to the different sessions of the course, access the course’s main page, press the ellipsis icon in the top right corner, then press the Sessions Statistics button that appears below.

webinar session stats

On the top of this page, use the session dropdown menu to select which session you want to view. Once you’ve selected the session, statistics related to it appear below, including:

  • Percentage and total number of users that have passed the session.
  • Total number of enrolled users.
  • Total session hours.
  • Basic webinar information, including the tool, date, time, and duration.
  • A list of every user enrolled into the session, with their status and final score.

Adding Webinar Recordings

Instructors have the capability to add recordings of webinars into webinar sessions. There are three options to do so: add the recording via API, upload a video file, or share a link to a video. To add a webinar recording, access the course’s main page. Find the session in the list for which you would like to upload a recorded webinar session, then press the arrow icon in the session’s section.

Press the Add Recording button at the bottom. In the slideout, flag whether you want to add the recording by uploading a video file or or by linking to a video URL. When the video is finished uploading, press the Confirm button. Please note that from here, the time it takes to import and convert the video for the LMS depends on the size of the video.

webinar add recording

When the video is ready, you will see a message informing you that it was successfully converted. You will then see the Add Recording button has been replaced with the View Recording button. To delete the recording, press the red X next to this button.

Please note: You can only upload one recording per webinar session.