Remote Learning: Webinar Courses

Discover how to attend videoconferences as a learner.

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February 20th, 2020

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Webinar courses are courses that you attend online, in real-time, via videoconferencing. You will access the video conference directly from your platform so your progress can be tracked. Webinars may be divided into sessions. As a learner, you may be asked to attend one or multiple session dates in order to complete the course.

You may see some training materials (such as tests, surveys, slides, etc) associated with the webinar course, and they may be made available before and/or after the webinar itself.

The Webinar Course Page

Once you select a webinar from the My Courses and Learning Plans page,  you will land on the webinar overview page, which shows the course’s thumbnail and other course or session details. Use the session dropdown menu next to the course’s thumbnail to select the session you want to attend from a list of all of the sessions in which you’re enrolled. A status on the right side of each session will track whether the session has been Attended, Not Attended, or is Upcoming. Past webinar sessions may make a webinar recording available for you to see or listen to.

By pressing the arrow at the end of a session’s section, you can view details of the session, such as the time, duration, and the webinar tool. For upcoming sessions, you will see a countdown to the webinar. When it’s time for the videoconference to begin, simply press the Join button to join the webinar session.

If you are enrolled in a session, you may be allowed to change session, or to unenroll from a session of course (depending on Administrator settings). Press the session change button or the unenroll button at the top of the course’s page to perform these actions.

Viewing Webinar Recordings

Some webinar sessions have recordings that you are able to view after the videoconference has ended. To view the recording, access the session’s section on the webinar’s main page. Press the arrow in the session’s section to view the session details, then press the View the Recording button.

Depending on Administrator settings, the session can be marked as attended upon watching its recording. There is no limitation on the number of times you can watch a webinar recording.