Troubleshooting for Learners

Discover what to do if you’re experiencing problems with your platform.

Last Updated

February 26th, 2020

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While your learning platform should almost always run smoothly, occasionally Internet platforms can be a little finicky. Although it is rare for your platform to run into problems, here’s what you can do if you’re experiencing a less-than-ideal experience:

System Requirements

Please ensure that the device you are accessing the platform from is compliant with the system requirements listed here.

Refresh Your Cache

Your learning platform should operate without any issues on Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. Refreshing your cache for the platform in any of these browsers may solve any issues that you’re experiencing. You should refer to your browser documentation for instructions on how to clear the cache.

Contact your Administrator

Docebo does not provide direct support to learners, but we do provide support for platform administrators. If you’re experiencing issues with your platform, the easiest and quickest way to resolve them is to contact your administrator.

Your Administrator Impersonates Your User

Your platform administrator can temporarily login as your user in order to help you with troubleshooting in your learning platform. For example, when you contact your administrator because you are facing a problem in your platform, your administrator can log into the platform as if he/she were your user and help you with the problem. Thanks to the impersonation functionality, both you and your administrator will save time and effort, because you won’t need to provide your admin with a detailed (and not easy) explanation of what isn’t working in your platform and which actions he/she needs to take in order to solve your issue.

When impersonating your user, your admin will have access to exactly what you as a user can access in your platform and he/she will be able to operate in your platform as if he/she logged in as your user.

When your admin logs in as your user, you will immediately receive a notification (in-platform and, if your email is configured in the platform, via email) to inform you that your admin accessed the platform on your behalf. 

Then, when the administrator switches back to his or her admin account, you will receive another notification (in-platform and, if configured, via email) informing you that the admin logged out from your account.

In this way, you will be constantly informed about who logged into your platform using your account and at what time, and also about when the impersonation session ended.