Part Thirteen: Gamification and the Rewards Shop

Discover how to earn badges, points, and coins in your platform.

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August 1st, 2017

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Gamification is a feature of the platform that turns training into healthy competition. To be considered the best user on the platform, you’ll need to earn as many badges as you can while completing different activities.

These activities can be related to courses (e.g. completion of learning objects or courses) or related to social aspects (e.g. blog or forum posts and comments). Every time you complete the activities necessary to earn a badge, a pop-up message will appear on the screen congratulating you on the your newly earned badge.

By pressing the trophy icon at the top of the platform, you can view information related to badges, leaderboards, points, and coins in your platform. Badges, points and coins are earned by completing actions in your platform, such as completing a course or a series of courses. This icon allows you to quickly access your Badges and Points page as well as the Rewards Marketplace.

gamification icon

Select the Badges and Points button to access your to access your main Gamification area. If the Rewards Shop is active in your platform, you can press the Reward Shop item to exchange your coins for rewards, which are distributed outside of your platform.

Viewing Badges, Points, Leaderboards and Contests

Once you’ve reached the main Gamification area from the trophy icon, you can see an overview of your gamification activity.

In the My Badges tab, view all of the badges that have or have not yet been awarded to you. At the top of this page, you can see your total number of badges and points. Your points may earn you a certain title, such as “Course Hero” or “Social Hero.”

In the Leaderboard tab, you can see the users with the top number of points in the platform. At the top of this page, you will see your position in the leaderboard.

gamification leaderboard

In the Contests tab, you can see a list of all open and closed contests. When you press the arrow in the contest’s row, you can see the contest goal, description, period, and winner. Press the View Full Chart button to see the complete list of contest participants and rankings.

In the Rewards tab, you can view your rewards request history, including the reward itself, the date of the request, the status of the request, and an email icon that allows you to contact your Administrator regarding the request. This tab is only visible if the Rewards Shop is active in your platform.

The Rewards Shop

You can access the Rewards Shop by pressing the trophy icon at the top of your platform, then pressing the Rewards Shop button. In the Rewards Shop, filter which rewards you can see by pressing the Filters button in the top left part of the page.

gamification personal panel

Flag whether to show all of the rewards, show only the new ones, or show only the rewards that you can buy with the number of coins that you possess. There is also a sliding toggle that allows you to filter which rewards are shown based on a specific price range. Slide the ends of the bar to determine a maximum or minimum price.

Filter rewards based on Rewards Sets using the tabs on the left side of the page. By clicking on the specific set, you’ll view only rewards in that set. To request a reward, click on the reward in the marketplace. You will be redirected to the reward’s page, where you can read a description about the reward and press the Redeem button to request the reward.

gamification redeem

If the reward is not available, it will still appear in the marketplace. However, when you click on the reward, the Redeem button on the reward’s page will be greyed out and there will be a message that the reward is no longer available. The Personal Panel in the marketplace displays your photo and the number of coins that you possess.

Press the My Rewards Request History item to be redirected to a page with a list of their request history. Each request will have the request ID, picture and name of the reward, the date and time of the request, and the status of the request (approved, rejected, pending, cancelled). Each row for each request will have a mail icon at the end, so you can email the Administrator in charge of each request.

gamification history