Training Certifications and Retraining

Discover how to earn and renew certifications in your learning platform

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February 20th, 2020

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In your platform, completing certain courses, learning plans, or reporting certain external training activity can result in your earning a training certification to validate your skill level of a number of topics. In addition, you may be manually assigned a certification by your Administrator.

Checking Your Certifications

Certifications are automatically given to you upon completing certain courses, learning plans or upon reporting certain external training activities, but not all completed activities in the platform warrant a certification. Refer to your Administrator for further information on the activities associated with a certification.

To check the status of your certifications, access the main menu, then select the My Activities item. In the tabs on the left side, select the Certification tab.

Here, you will find a list of all of the certifications that you’re obtained.

Renewing a Certification

Certifications may have a validity period, thus an expiration date. The certifications listed in the Certification tab show their expiration date, and once expired, you may be able to renew them, depending on Administrator settings. When it’s time to renew a certification, press the Renew Now link will be available for you to begin the renewal process. Click on the link and select the course you would like to take, and complete the corresponding training activity for the certification renewal.

Depending on Administrator settings, you may receive a notification (either via email, in the notification center or via Slack) informing you that the certification is about to expire, and providing you with a link for you to renew the certification. If you do not navigate through the Renew Now link or through your certification expiration notification, the certification will not renew.

Remember to wait for the expiration of the certification to actually occur before renewing it, or you will lose your previous completion records.