How to Manage and Use the User Quick Registration

Allow users to quickly self-register into the platform.

Last Updated

May 27th, 2019

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Configuring the Quick Registration Option

As a Superadmin, you can enable the Quick Registration option in the Advanced Settings area of your platform, allowing users to quickly self-register in the platform by simply entering their email addresses and accepting the Terms & Conditions (if necessary).

To activate this option, access the Admin Menu from the gear icon, then select the Advanced Settings item in the Settings section. In the Self Registration tab, find the Enable Quick Registration section, then flag the Yes option. Please note that in the Registration section above, you must flag the Free Self Registration option.

quick registration

Press Save Changes to complete the action. Now, users can self register into the platform by entering their email addresses. If configured, they may also need to accept the Terms & Conditions of the platform to complete the registration.

Please Note: When a user self registers, the system will autogenerate a password for the user. In order to ensure the user receives this password, you should configure the User has been created (confirmed registration) notification. Be sure to include the [user_password] shortcode in the notification, as it is not included by default in the notification template.

Users Quick Registering into the Platform

As a user, once you’re on the login page of the platform, press the Register button. In the corresponding field, insert your email address. You may need to also accept the privacy policy before continuing. Then, press Register.

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