Requirements for the Branded Mobile App Publisher

Discover the technical requirements for your branded mobile app

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February 13th, 2020

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When creating your own branded mobile app, you’ll need to keep a few technical requirements in mind. This article details the material you need to prepare before proceeding to your app’s branding.

Refer to this article to learn how to create and configure your branded app, generate the build and then download the package in order to publish your custom version of Go.Learn mobile app on the app stores. Once created your branded app, before publishing it on the application stores, you’ll have to replace the digital signature temporarily applied by Docebo with your own signature. In order to learn how to perform this process, refer to this article.

If you publish your app on iOS App Store, you are required to submit the Export Compliance and the Self-Classification Report for Encryption items in order to be compliant with the U.S. Encryption and Export Administration Regulations (EAR). To know how to produce and present this report, refer to this article.

Please note that Branded Mobile App Publisher is a very technical functionality. Docebo suggests contacting a member of your company’s IT department to perform the configuration properly. Additionally, make sure that you have a valid developer account on the application store where you want to publish your app.

Also note that Docebo is not responsible for the content of external documents written by other companies (i.e. Apple, etc.). Remember that it is your responsibility to check if these documents are updated or changed in any way.

Some text in this article refers to SSO integration between Docebo and Google Apps. To know more about how to connect Google Apps to Docebo, refer to this article. Refer to this article for further information about integrating Google Sign-In into an iOS app.

Android Google Play Store Requirements

If you want to publish your app in Android Google Play Store you need to prepare:

Android Google Play Store Branding Requirements

Please refer to this article for further info about the reverse domain name notation.

Apple App Store Requirements

If you want to publish your app in Apple App Store you need to prepare:

Apple App Store Requirements

Please note: Fields marked with (*) are MANDATORY. Docebo cannot build the app if this data is not provided or provided in the wrong format.

A sample of the assets you need to prepare can be downloaded here.