Resetting the Completion of a Learning Object for Learners in a Course

Discover how to reset the learning object tracking for a learner in a course.

Last Updated

October 23rd, 2018

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There are times during the course management process when Superadmins, Instructors, or Power Users with granted permissions may need to reset the completion status of a learning object for a learner. This could be because the learner needs another chance to gain a higher score, or other various reasons. This action can be done by accessing a course’s report and manually resetting the tracking of a learner object for a specific learner.

Accessing a Course Report

To reset a training material, you need to access the report of the course in which the learning object is found. To do so, access the Admin Menu from the gear icon the top right corner of your platform. In the Admin Menu, press the Courses item in the E-Learning section. Find the course that you’re looking for in the list of courses, then press the menu icon at the end of the course’s row. From the dropdown menu, press Reports.

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Resetting the Learning Object Completion

Once you’re viewing a course report, stay in the User Statistics tab, then select the learner for whom you need to reset the training material from the list. On the user’s report page for the course, scroll down until you see a list of the training material that is assigned to the course. Locate the learning object that you need to reset, then select the X button in the Reset column. In the pop up box, confirm that you want to reset the learner’s tracking for that learning object in the course.

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Please Note: If you reset the learning object of a learner in one course, and the learning object is also placed in another course in which the same user is enrolled, the tracking of the learning object is applied to both courses. Therefore, if you reset the learning object completion in one course, it will also be applied to the other course in which the learner is enrolled. This may affect the learner’s course completion, so please check whether the learning object is share tracked via the Central Repository before performing this action.