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February 23rd, 2021

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In your learning platform, you may be able to actively contribute to the training program of your company by uploading your content to channels and sharing it with your colleagues. In turn, you can take advantage of the contributions (assets) posted by other people to extend your knowledge, and organize content into playlists. Please note that the term “asset” is used to refer to the content published as an informal learning contribution in the platform.

You can also receive comments and questions on your assets, or comment and ask questions to other people on the content they uploaded. If your contribution to the training program is valuable, you can be designated as the expert for that area by your platform admin. Let’s go through the steps to share your content with other users or channels in the platform.

Sharing your Content

As a learner, you can share content by selecting the Share Content page from your main menu or by clicking on the Share Content button that you can find in the top right corner of the homepage of your platform, of the All Channels page, or of the My Channel page.

Depending on how your admin set up your homepage and the other pages of your platform, you may also see the Share Content widget, where you can display the content shared by you in the platform and upload and share new content.

Once you reach the Share Content page from your main menu, or you click on the Share Content button in the top right corner of the page, you can decide which type of content you want to share: a link, a file, a file from Google Drive, or a screen recording.

Please note that you cannot share a YouTube playlist, but you can share single YouTube videos

If you are sharing a link, paste your link into the corresponding field. If you are sharing a file or a Google Drive document, select it from your device or from your Drive. If you are sharing a screen recording, please follow the instructions provided in the corresponding article.

share a link

Then, the following steps are the same for all of the types of content you are sharing. After having uploaded the link or the file, you need to complete the information about your content.

Start by choosing the thumbnail: you can leave the one generated by the platform, or you can press the Change Image button to add a new thumbnail, then select an image from your device. Remember that the minimum suggested image dimension is 800x400px, and the maximum suggested file size is 4MB.

Then, write a title and description for the content you are sharing.

Finally, decide who you want to share your content with:

  • Channels and /or People. You can share the content with channels and/or people.
  • Only Me. You can save the content only to yourself. The content is saved on your My Channel page, and it will be visible only to yourself and will not appear in the search results of other users.

Depending on how your administrator configured the platform, you may be able to share your content with channels only and not with other users, or with channels and a specific set of users decided by your admin.

sharing content with channels or people

Once finished the configuration of these fields, press Next. If you selected the option to share the content with channels and/or people, search for them by typing and adding their names in the corresponding field, or choose them directly from the suggested ones, or from the All Channels list below. When you are ready, click on the Share button at the bottom of the panel. Your content has been shared successfully!

Please note that when you share content with other users, they will find those assets in their New Invitations and Subscriptions channel.

If you publish your asset in more than one channel, remember that Invite to Watch functionality, questions & answers and comments are shared between the channels you published your asset in. This means that if you share an asset with two channels with different visibility settings, and you add a comment, a question or an answer to one of the channels, you’ll find that comment, question or answer also in the other channel where you published the asset.

Expert’s Peer Review

When choosing the channels you want to share your content with, for some channels, you may see that the review of an expert is required. This means that your content will be published in those channels only after the channel’s expert reviews and approves your content.

expert peer review required

Please note that if you chose to share your content with some channels requiring expert peer review, and also with other channels not requiring it, your content will need to wait for the expert’s approval only to be published in the channels requiring the review, but it will be published immediately in the channels not requiring expert’s review.

When the expert approves the asset you uploaded, you’ll receive a notification in your platform’s Notifications area. The channel’s expert has approved your content, and this means that your asset has been published in the channel you shared it with. Open the notification, then if you want you can open your asset’s page by clicking the corresponding button in the text of the notification.

If the expert rejects your asset, you’ll receive a notification informing you that your asset has been rejected by the channel’s expert, so it could not be published in the channel. From the button in the notification text, you have the possibility to access your content’s page, but you cannot edit your asset anymore after the rejection. You can upload the same asset you improved with the corrections needed.

Inviting Other Users to Watch Content

Once you have published your asset, you can decide to invite other users to watch your content. On your asset’s page, click the Invite to Watch button in the action bar at the top of the page. You can reach the Invite to Watch panel also by clicking on the ellipsis menu in the asset card in the channel, and selecting Invite to Watch.

invite to watch

In the right panel that opens, select the users or channels you would like to invite amongst the ones suggested by the platform by clicking on the plus button at the end of their row, or type their names in the text box to search for users or channels individually. When inviting users from channels, you are inviting all the users who have visibility on the channel. Once made your selection, press the Invite button.

The platform always suggests that you invite the users with visibility on the channel where you have published your content, so that they are aware that there is something new for them.

You can invite other users or users from channels to watch your contribution or any other contribution at any time, not only right after the asset publication. Remember that you can only invite users having visibility on the channel where the asset is published, and that you can invite the same user more than once.

When users are invited to watch your contribution, they will receive a notification. Remember that you, as the contributor, will not receive your own Invite to Watch notifications when the notification is sent to all the users in a channel you belong to.

If you have been invited to watch an asset, please note that you can only send an invitation to watch it to the users that already have the permissions to view the asset. Only the platform admin and the user who uploaded the asset are able to extend the asset’s visibility permissions, while the users who have been invited to watch the content cannot do it.

Viewing your Asset’s Page

After having published your asset, you can find it in your My Channel page, and, if you shared it with other channels, on the pages of these channels too. To view your asset’s page, click on its card. On the page that opens, you’ll see the asset player, a box on the right side of the page recommending similar content, details on the publication of the asset, and an area where other users can ask questions and leave comments.

viewing your asset page

Editing Details of your Asset

Any details that you add when creating an asset can be edited later. Please remember that admins can edit the details of any asset in the platform. Experts can edit the details of any assets in the channels that they manage. Please note if an asset is shared in different channels managed by different experts, no expert can edit the asset. You as the asset owner (who shared your content in the platform) can edit the details of any asset that you uploaded into the platform.

Remember that every asset that you upload is stored on the My Channel page, in addition to the channels you shared it with. If you chose the Only Me option when sharing your content, it will only be visible to you and from your My Channel page. Other people will only see the content you uploaded in the channels for which they have visibility, because you invited them to watch it.

editing your content

To edit the details of your content, on your My Channel page, open the asset’s page by clicking on its card, press the ellipsis button in the action bar in the top right corner, then select the Edit button that appears below. You can also reach the asset’s edit page by clicking on the ellipsis menu in the asset card, and selecting Edit Asset.

On the edit page, you will find two tabs: General and Shared with.

General Tab

In the General tab, you can edit all of the details related to your asset. Let’s go through all of the sections of the General tab.

general tab

In the Asset Preview section, you can replace the link, file or screen recording you uploaded by clicking the corresponding button and choosing a new one. Then, in the Details section, you can edit the asset’s title and description that you originally set when you first uploaded the content in your platform. In the Thumbnail section you are able to change the thumbnail’s image and in the Tags field you are free to add new tags or change the ones previously added to your asset by your admin or by the expert. Finally, in the Delete Asset section, you have the possibility to delete the asset you shared. If you delete the asset, it won’t be visible anymore in the channels and by the people you shared it with. This asset will also be removed from your channel page.

When editing your asset, you can also add tags to your content to improve its searchability in your platform’s global search. Some tags may be automatically generated based on the content of your asset, as understood by your platform using artificial intelligence (note that this only works for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese content and find out more about taggable content types). You can manually edit or remove tags at any time with a limit of 15 tags, but only once the asset has been published and not when uploading a new asset as a user (only admins and experts can add tags when uploading content). Please note that, for security reasons, the platform artificial intelligence does not access private content (that is, content requiring authentication to be accessed) and can thus automatically generate tags only for public content. For private content, we suggest you add tags manually.

Shared with Tab

Switch now to the Shared with tab, where you will find the list of users and channels you shared your asset with.

shared with tab

In the row of each user, you can also see if the user has viewed your asset or not, and in each channel’s row you will see how many times your content has been viewed. By clicking the ellipsis icon at the end of the row, you can remove the user or the channel from the list, or you can invite the user or the channel to watch your content. If you chose to share your content with a channel requiring expert peer review, in the row of the channel you will find a label informing you that your asset is waiting for approval, or has been rejected by the expert.

If you want to share the content you published with new people, press the Share button in the top right corner of the area, search for channels and/or for other people by typing and adding their names in the corresponding field, or choose them directly from the suggested ones, or from the All Channels list below. When you are ready, click on the Share button at the bottom of the panel.

Remember to publish your asset using the status bar at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, if your asset’s status is Under Maintenance, a message will warn you that if you don’t change the asset’s visibility to Published, channels and people the asset is shared with won’t be able to view it.