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October 5th, 2020

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In your learning platform, you may be able to actively contribute to the training program of your company by uploading your content to channels and sharing it with your colleagues. In turn, you can take advantage of the contributions posted by other people to extend your knowledge, and organize content into playlists.

You can also receive comments and questions on your contributions, or comment and ask questions to other people on the content they uploaded. If your contribution to the training program is valuable, you can be designated as the Expert for that area by your platform Admin. Let’s go through the steps to share your content with other users in the platform.

Sharing Your Content

As a learner, you can share content by selecting the Contribute item from the main menu or by clicking on the Contribute button on the homepage of your platform, in the All Channels page, or in My Channel page. Once you’re on the Contribute page, press the Browse button to search for the content on your device, drag and drop the file into the platform, or share a link from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Additionally, you can share an asset from Google Drive or Record Your Screen

Please note that YouTube playlists are not supported by the Contribute functionality. So, you cannot share a YouTube playlist, but you can share single YouTube videos.

Once the content is uploaded, you can edit details or publish it directly as-is. Please note that you are required to give the content a title, description, and flag the asset visibility setting:

– Private. This asset will only be visible to you and to whom you decide to invite.

– Public. Select a channel where you’d like to publish your asset.

If you publish your asset in more than one channel, remember that Invite to Watch functionality, questions & answers and comments are shared between the channels you published your asset in. This means that if you share an asset with two channels with different visibility settings, and you add a comment, a question or an answer to one of the channels, you’ll find that comment, question or answer also in the other channel where you published the asset.

Please note that you cannot replace a piece of content with a newer or a different version of it after it has been uploaded. If you want to share a different version of the same content, you have to upload the new file from scratch and delete the old one.

For some channels, an expert must review the content using the peer-review process before the content will be published.

You can also add tags to your asset to improve its searchability and flag the option to allow users to download the asset file. Some tags may be automatically generated based on the content of your asset, as understood by your platform using artificial intelligence (note that this only works for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese content). You can edit or remove tags at any time. Optionally, you can assign skills to the asset, the selected skills will be displayed on the asset’s page when learners are viewing the asset.

Finally, you can upload a custom thumbnail. Press the plus button to add a thumbnail, then select an image from your device. In case you have an existing custom thumbnail, you can press the Replace button to choose another one. When the content is uploaded and you’ve added all of the details for the asset, press Publish Now.

Inviting Other Users to Watch Content

Once you have confirmed the publication of your content with the Publish Now button, a pop-up window will prompt you to invite other users to watch your contribution. Click Invite to Watch and select the users you would like to invite amongst the ones suggested by the platform, or type their names in the People text box to look for them individually. The platform always suggests that you invite all the users with visibility on the channel where you have published your content, so that they are aware that there is something new for them. 

You can invite other users to watch your contribution or any other contribution at any time by clicking on the menu icon in the asset card in the channel, and selecting Invite to Watch or from the asset page, clicking on Invite to Watch in the top right corner. Remember that you can only invite users having visibility on the channel where the asset is published. 

When users are invited to watch your contribution, they will receive a notification via email, Slack, or in the Notification Center, depending on how your Superadmin configured it. Remember that you, as the contributor, will not receive your own Invite to Watch notifications when the notification is sent to all the users in a channel you belong to.

Editing Details of Your Content

Any details that you add when creating an asset can be edited later when you edit the asset. Please remember that Admins can edit the details of any asset in the platform. Experts can edit the details of any assets in the channels that they manage. You as the asset owner can edit the details of any asset that you uploaded into the platform. In the bottom half of the Contribute page, you can see all of the content that you’ve uploaded, divided by content that needs to be finalized, content that is submitted for peer review, and content that is already published.

Remember that every asset that you upload is also stored on the My Channel page. If you uploaded content as Private, it will only be visible to you and from this page. When accessing your channel, other people will only see the content you uploaded in the channels for which they have visibility, because you invited them to watch it. 

To edit the details of your content, reach the asset’s page, where you’ll see the asset player, next recommended content, details on the publication of the asset, and an area where other users can ask questions and leave comments, press the ellipsis button in the top right corner, then press the Edit button that appears below. On the edit page, you can edit any details that you originally set when you first uploaded the content in your platform. However, only Admins can change asset visibility. When finished, press Save.