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September 22nd, 2020

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Welcome to your learning platform! This article will guide you through the login options available in your platform and will provide you with details about the available requests you may be asked to answer upon logging in.

Signing into the Platform

To log in, use the login credentials that you received via email. If you’re logging in using credentials from another site or source (such as Gmail, Facebook, etc.) you will see buttons on the login form corresponding to the credentials you can use the access the platform.

Insert your username and password into the login form, then press Sign In.

In some cases, the system may ask you to change the password upon first login. This allows you to customize your own password, which will only be known by you. If this happens, insert either your email address or your username in the pop-up box. The system will then send you an email with instructions on how to create a new password. Press Send to confirm.

Lost Password

If you have lost your password or can’t access your platform with your password, you can reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? on your platform’s login form on the login page. In the pop-up box, type in the email address that corresponds to your user account in the platform and press Send Reset Link.

The platform will send you a generic email to the email address that you entered. The email will include a link and instructions regarding how you can reset your password.

Self Registration

Sometimes, you may not have a username and a password to access the platform. Rather, you may need to register yourself into the system. In this case, on the login page, click Register.

A pop-up login form will open. Fill in all of the required and recommend details.

If configured by the Admin of your platform, you will find the Time Zone field. Your browser’s time zone is already selected in the field, but you are free to choose another time zone among those listed, or to use the platform default time zone set by your Admin ( “-” option in the dropdown). You will find the time zone you configured during self registration in the Preferences section of your user personal area (My Profile page), that you can reach by selecting the menu icon from the left sidebar and then clicking the My Profile pen icon item at the top of the menu. In this section, you can change your time zone also after registering into the platform, whenever you need it.

You may be asked to fill in extra mandatory details on a second page of the registration form,  and to accept the terms of the privacy policy and/or the platform terms and conditions. Once ready, click Register.

You will receive a confirmation message on the screen, and your platform will send you an email. Press the link in said email to confirm your identity. This step may be enough to complete your registration, but sometimes the self-registration is moderated. This means you will have to wait for approval from an Admin before gaining access to the platform.

If the quick registration is active in your platform, you will be only requested to enter your email address and to accept the terms of the privacy policy and/or the platform terms and conditions to register.

Defining Your Areas of Interest

Depending on your platform settings, upon logging in, you may be asked to identify your areas of interest, on the basis of your job role and your skills. Click Let’s Start to define the areas you would like to work on click Remind Me Later to postpone your action. The system will keep asking you to define your areas of interest every time you log in until you provide an answer.

After you tell the platform which areas you are interested in, your platform then will then populate the My Areas of Interest channel with fresh aggregated content from around the world related to those areas so that you can learn more about the topics and skills you would like to work on.

Confirming Your Manager

In some cases, the system may ask you whether you want to confirm your manager, in order to keep the company organization chart continuously up to date. Please take the time to answer the question, or click Remind Me Later to postpone your action. The system will keep asking you to confirm the working relationship with your manager every time you log in until you provide an answer.

In some other cases, you may be asked by your platform to enter the name of your manager. Press Add Your Information and type your role and the name of your manager in the slideout panel. Press Confirm to complete the procedure. You can ask your platform to remind you later to complete this procedure, and you will be reminded every time you log into your platform until the action is completed.