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September 15th, 2020

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Skilla is an online content provider, offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skill. When purchasing and syncing Skilla courses into your platform from Docebo’s Content Marketplace, you can directly upload them as courses, or you can store them in the Central Repository as LTI training materials to be pushed to your courses.

This article explains how to navigate Skilla within the context of Docebo and how to manage content from Skilla in your platform.

Accessing and Activating Skilla in Docebo

To access Skilla in your platform, you need to reach the Content Marketplace. Log into your Docebo platform as the Superadmin. Please note that only Superadmins have access to the Content Marketplace. Power Users have no permissions involving the Content Marketplace. Once logged in, access the Admin Menu by clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the page. Then, in the E-Learning section, select the Content Marketplace item.

On the main marketplace page, you will see all of the vendors from which you can browse, purchase, and sync off-the-shelf content. If you haven’t activated Skilla in your platform yet, click on the Skilla card. Once in the Skilla page, click Activate Skilla and confirm the activation with the Activate button.

User and platform information will now be provisioned, and a Skilla account will be created for your platform. Please Note: You should not use an email address that is already active in Skilla. If you already have a Skilla account, please contact Skilla regarding how to use your account in your platform.

Upon activating Skilla, you have a 14-day trial period before confirming your subscription. Please refer to Skilla documentation for further information.

Browsing Content in the Skilla Library

To browse content in Skilla’s catalog, you can press the Filter item in the action bar at the top of the catalog. You can also sort the library using the corresponding menu on the right side of the action bar at the top, or search for content using the search bar.

All courses will appear below the search and filter bar. In each course’s tile, you will see the course name, the date that it was published, whether the course is available for import or has already been imported.

Importing Content into the Platform as Training Material

In your platform, you can import Skilla content either as an individual course in the Course Management area of your platform or as training material in the Central Repository. Please note that when selecting to import the content as a course, it will also be saved as training material in the Central Repository.

In order to import content as training material in the Central Repository, press the Import button in the course’s tile. In the right panel that opens, select the option to import as training material in the Central Repository.

Press Next at the bottom of the slideout panel. On the Category page, you can select into which training material category you want to place the content, but this step is not mandatory. Press Import to proceed.

A message at the bottom of the page will inform you that a background job has been created successfully. When you launch the import, the process will run in the background with a background job, so you can continue to use your platform and your PC without any restrictions during the import process. You’ll be notified when the background job is completed.

Importing Content into the Platform as a Course

When importing the course, it will synch directly in your platform’s Central Repository as training material, then the platform will automatically create a course with the content you are importing as its only training material. Therefore, you will find the training material in your Central Repository and the course in your platform’s Course Management area. Both the course and the single training material within that course will have the same name as the Skilla course, but you can edit both the names and any other training material details or course details after the course is created.

In order to import content as training material in the Central Repository, also creating a course out of it, press the Import button in the course’s tile. In the right panel that opens, select the option to import as training material in the Central Repository and create courses.

Press Next at the bottom of the slideout panel. On the Category page, you can select into which course category you want to place the content, but this step is not mandatory. Press Next to proceed. Then, flag whether you want to include the course into any course catalogs that you’ve created in your platform.

Remember: Even if you place the course within a catalog, you cannot resell the course. By placing the course in a catalog, users will be able to directly enroll in it, but they cannot purchase it.

If you do not want to include the course in any catalogs, simply press Next to proceed. Finally, use the Enroll Users to Courses toggle at the top of the last page of the slideout panel to directly enroll users into the course. You can enroll individual users, branches, or user groups in your platform. Then, press Import. A message at the bottom of the page will confirm that your content has been successfully imported into your platform. Refer to the Course Management section of the Knowledge Base to learn more about managing courses.

Mass Importing Courses from Skilla

Additionally, you can import multiple courses from Skilla into the platform in a single action. When viewing the Skilla catalog, press the download icon in the top right corner of the page. For the single import, select which courses you want to import, then flag whether to import them as Central Repository content or as platform courses and if you want to assign them to one or more catalog(s). Refer to the sections above in this article for more information about each import type.

skilla massive import

This import option does not allow you to enroll users into courses at this stage, since courses may have different types of audience. The massive import will be managed as a background job, with the import time depending on the number of courses you’re importing. Please note that each course that you import from Skilla becomes an individual course in the platform, so if you import five Skilla courses, you will create five courses in the platform.

Managing Skilla Content in Docebo

When Skilla content is imported as LTI training material in your Central Repository, they can be managed like regular LTI training materials, and have the same advanced settings options.

Once you find the training material from Skilla in the list of training materials in the Central Repository, press the edit icon in the object’s row to edit the details of the training material, as desired. This type of training material will be played in fullscreen mode by default, but you can edit the training material’s advanced settings at the course level once the object is pushed to specific courses.

When editing the title of the content you imported from Skilla, remember that the new title will be assigned to the training material within the course, if you want to edit the course name, you can do so from the Course Management area. The new title will be used in the platform instead of the original content title for all purposes, including the search functionality, thus causing a mismatch between the course title in the platform and the one displayed in the Skilla catalog.

skilla CLOR

Please Note: The training material is marked as complete when 100% of the content has been viewed. There is no In Progress status for this training material, only Not Yet Completed and Complete.

User provisioning for Skilla content is automatic, meaning every time a Docebo user accesses Skilla content, a user account will be created in Skilla, or existing users will be asked to log into their Skilla accounts. If a user does not yet have a Skilla account, he or she should press the corresponding button in the pop-up box that will appear upon the user’s first access to Skilla content. For any questions regarding the user provisioning process, you should refer to the Skilla’s help center.

Managing the Skilla Catalog in Docebo

When Skilla is enabled, the full catalog is automatically added to your platform’s course catalog collection. Superadmins cannot activate, deactivate, edit or remove it in any way. They can only set the visibility of the catalog to end users.

In order to manage the catalog‘s visibility to users, you must assign users to view the catalog, then users can enroll in courses by themselves. The catalog visibility depends on which users are assigned to it. In order to prevent users from seeing the catalog, do not assign them to the catalog.

skilla catalog

Remember that a Skilla course is listed in the Course Management area of the Admin Menu only if at least one user has enrolled into it from the catalog, or if the Superadmin imported it from the Skilla Content Marketplace. 

Attending a Skilla Course as a Learner

As a learner, you have full visibility of the Skilla catalog only if the platform Superadmin gave you the right to see it. Log in to the platform and select Courses Catalog from the Main Menu. The Skilla Catalog is listed among the other catalogs assigned to you and includes all the courses downloaded from the Skilla platform.

Look for the course you are interested in by searching for specific content, or filtering by subject, difficulty or course language. Click on the course tile to access its dedicated page where you can learn more about the course author and language, and read a course description. Press Enroll to subscribe to the course. Confirm your enrollment by pressing Enroll in the pop-up box.

A message will confirm your subscription, and prompt you to start the course right away or to access the My Courses and Learning Plans area of the platform where the course you have just enrolled in will be listed together with the other courses assigned to you. Click on the course tile to access the course main page, then Start Learning Now to launch the training.

Please note that you are allowed to play Skilla courses from the Skilla Catalog only if you have properly defined your name and surname in your user profile. If this data is missing, fill them out in your My Profile area. If you do not have access to the My Profile area, contact your Administrator.