Synchronizing Enrollments from Docebo to Salesforce

Configuring the the synchronization of enrollment data

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April 22nd, 2020

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This article will help you in configuring the synchronization of enrollment data between Docebo and Salesforce so that both systems are aligned and synchronized. The data master for enrollment data is Docebo. This data is always synchronized from Docebo to Salesforce, not the other way round. Find here further information on Data Model.

Because of its nature, enrollment data is linked to users and course data, so when running the first synchronization, it is not possible to synchronize enrollments if users and course data have not been synchronized. For this reason, the right section of the Sync Enrollments area is enabled only after the users and course synchronization has been properly configured and successfully run.

In order to configure the synchronization process, after installing the Salesforce package, access the Admin Menu from the gear icon, find the Salesforce section, and press Manage.

Move now to the Synchronization tab. The Sync Enrollments section of this tab is used to configure the synchronization of this data.

Configuring Enrollments’ Synchronization from Docebo to Salesforce

The Sync Enrollments section of the Synchronization tab is used to configure the synchronization of enrollment data from Docebo to Salesforce. Enable the Enrollment toggle and click on Configure. Form the right panel select whether to configure:

– Manual Replication. When this option is selected, enrollments data is manually synchronized, meaning that you will have to run the synchronization when needed by selecting the Resynchronize option from the ellipsis menu of the Sync Enrollments section of this tab. When choosing this option, remember that if the synchronization is not run by a user, data is not synchronized by the system.

– Realtime Synchronized Replication. When this option is selected, enrollments data is constantly synchronized by the system, incrementally, every 15 minutes. If you need to resynchronize all enrollment data, or data updated in a specific timeframe, select the Resynchronize option from the ellipsis menu of the Sync Enrollments section of this tab and select a timeframe for your synchronization.

Select the synchronization mode that suits you the best, and press Confirm to go back to the Salesforce synchronization page. Press Start.

Running the Synchronization

From the Synchronization tab of the Salesforce configuration page, press Start in the Sync Enrollments area to launch the synchronization process.  A panel will open for you to select the period of enrollment data to synchronize. Select a timeframe and press the Confirm button to start the synchronization.

The enrollment synchronization is managed by four background jobs: one for courses, one for learning plans, one for webinar sessions and one for ILT-classroom sessions.

You can stop the synchronization at any time while it is running. Click the ellipsis button in the Sync Enrollments box and select Stop Synchronization. In order to re-launch the synchronization, click the ellipsis button again, and select Resynchronization. The synchronization will restart from scratch, it will not restart from where you left off.

Once the synchronization is over, the Synchronization Status will be shown in the right section of the Sync Enrollments area.

If the synchronization process fails or ends with errors, click on the View Logs button to move to the Logs section of the Salesforce configuration page that will open on the event generating the synchronization error or the failure. Refer to this article for further information on synchronization logs.

After the first synchronization, the timestamp of the last synchronization, together with the number of imported enrollments will be displayed on the right side of the Sync Enrollment area.

After the first synchronization, the Start button will no longer be available but you can re-run the synchronization again at any time, by clicking on the ellipsis button under the number of imported enrollments, and selecting Resynchronize.

Thanks to the integration between Docebo and Salesforce, you can monitor the training activity of your learners directly from the Salesforce reports area.

Note on Unenrollments

When the enrollment synchronization is run, enrollments are synchronized as well. Remember that unenrollments are synchronized after the first enrollment synchronization is run. This means that if a user unenrolled (or was unenrolled) from a course or from a learning plan before you run the enrollment synchronization for the first time, the unenrollment will not be tracked, as if the user was never enrolled in the course (or learning plan). 


This article describes the synchronization process and how to use the integration in detail. Please note, however, that the integration covers a large number of scenarios and it is not possible to list all of them here. If this documentation does not provide enough information for your specific case, please contact us via the Communication Center.