Feedback Management for Tests

Learn how to manage feedback for learners taking tests.

Last Updated

June 25th, 2018

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In Docebo, Instructors and Superadmins can manage test feedback through specific tools tailored to training needs. With the Feedback Management function, you can provide automated feedback to your learners after they complete the test.

Please Note: This function that appears in the action bar at the top of a test that you’ve created. It is used for configuring the test as a whole. If you want to provide a specific feedback for specific questions in your test, please refer to this article regarding creating tests and managing questions.

Feedback Management

When a user completed an exam, you can provide them with immediate feedback based on the score they received. To do so, press the Feedback Management button in the action bar at the top of the test’s Edit page.


On this page, type in your messages that you want your users to see after they complete this exam based on the score they received. Type the scores into the corresponding text boxes, then write the message below and edit as desired.

When you’re finished, press Save Changes. The message will then appear in a list at the top of the Feedback Management page. You can edit or delete the feedback at any time using the corresponding icon’s in each message’s row. Your feedback will appear at the bottom of the test’s information page when the user accesses the test learning object, and after the user completes the test.