Transitioning from Salesforce V2 to Salesforce V3

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May 8th, 2019

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This article answers various questions for Superadmins related to handling the transition period from Salesforce V2 to Salesforce V3.

When will Salesforce V3 be available?

The integration with Salesforce V3 will be publicly available starting from March 13, 2019. The release will be followed by a transition period allowing Salesforce V2 customers to migrate to the new version. The integration with Salesforce V2 will be officially deprecated on October 1, 2019, check out our Product Updates page for further information.

Can Salesforce V2 and Salesforce V3 be simultaneously active in the platform?

Salesforce V2 and Salesforce V3 are two different apps, but they cannot coexist in the platform. Once you activate Salesforce V3 in the platform, Salesforce V2 will be automatically uninstalled, and will no longer be available for selection. It is not possible to roll back.

Can I roll back to Salesforce V2 after installing Salesforce V3?

No, once Salesforce V3 is installed in the platform, it is no longer possible to roll back to Salesforce V2, so take your time to plan your switch while in the transition period.

Do I need to remove Salesforce V2 Connected App before the migration?

You can either remove or rename your Salesforce V2 Connected App. Do it before installing the Salesforce V3 Connected App.

What happens to my Salesforce V2 data, not used by Salesforce V3?

Salesforce V2 data coming from the integration with Docebo and no longer used is not lost. It is kept in the Salesforce database and can manually be extracted and used according to your needs.

What about the custom reports I made with Salesforce V2?

We suggest you to check the custom reports you configured while using Salesforce V2, since you may need to update some configurations.

Are my Salesforce V2 customizations kept in Salesforce V3?

No, the customizations you configured in Salesforce V2 are not migrated to Salesforce V3 since the the two Salesforce versions are using different data models. You need configure your customizations from scratch.

What if I already have a Salesforce Developer account configured with Salesforce V2?

You can keep using the same account when using Salesforce V3, but it may get a bit confusing. Custom Objects and settings for Salesforce V3 are new and there is no interaction between the two integrations but Custom Objects names are quite similar and can lead to confusion. We suggest creating a new environment.

Do I need to keep the Docebo API profile and the Docebo API Agent?

No, once you install Salesforce V3, the Docebo API profile and the Docebo API agent are no longer needed and it is not necessary to keep them.