Transitioning from the 6.9 to 7.0 Theme

Discover how to transition from the 6.9 theme to the 7.0 theme in your platform

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July 24th, 2020

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Over the past year, Docebo has released several new and revamped areas of your learning platform, from the My Team feature to a new way to configure your platform’s Privacy Policy. With the End of Life date for the 6.9 Theme of your platform scheduled for July 31, 2019, we realize that shifting to an updated look & feel isn’t always an easy adjustment, so we’ve created this guide with everything you need to know if you’re still on the 6.9 theme, as soon you’ll be required to move to the Docebo 7.0 theme.

The Current Status of Themes & Upcoming End of Life Date

As of October 16, 2018, all existing Docebo LMS platforms using the 7.0 theme no longer have the option to go back to the 6.9 theme. For those currently using the 6.9 theme, you can continue using it in your platform for now, but once you switch to the 7.0 theme, you will no longer have the possibility to switch back to the 6.9 theme. This will change some items in your Admin Menu. For more information, refer to this article.

Docebo has scheduled the End of Life date for the 6.9 theme on July 31, 2019. Furthermore, a grace period has been granted, giving you an extended two-month period to transition over to Docebo’s 7.0 theme. This grace period has been granted in order to ensure that there are no disruptions for your learners in your platform, but your transition to the 7.0 theme must be complete by October 1st. On October 1, 2019, your core domain and all of the domains of the Extended Enterprise will be automatically transitioned to the 7.0 theme. As a part of the End of Life process, April 30, 2019, is the End of Maintenance and Support. The End of Maintenance and Support means that Docebo will only fix critical defects related to the 6.9 theme.

Once the 6.9 Theme reaches the end of the grace period, it will not be accessible or usable by Superadmins, Power Users, or Learners and you will need to switch to the 7.0 theme. We wanted to let you know in advance, so you have as much time as possible to move over to these new features.

Why should I move to the 7.0 theme?

The 7.0 theme is Docebo’s latest set of interface elements, so all improvements and new features are designed using this interface. The 7.0 theme is a more modern, intuitive and flexible way of managing your platform, and gives learners a more pleasant learning experience.

With the 7.0 theme, you can create customized pages and menus for groups of users, and you’ll have access to a handful of new features that were not available in the 6.9 Theme, such as a Communication Center, a new shopping cart experience for learners, and more.

Are there any blocking technical changes that I should be aware of?

No, as all of the technical requirements necessary to use the 7.0 theme in your platform as the same as those of the 6.9 theme. For more information on system and browser requirements, refer to this page.

Are there any features that are in the 6.9 theme that I won’t find in the 7.0 theme?

Yes, there is a shortlist of small functionalities that were not ported over from the 6.9 theme to the 7.0 theme. Most of these functionalities have been replaced with newer, more innovative functionality, and some functionalities will be replaced with improved features throughout the next year. The functionalities that you will not find the in 7.0 theme include:

  • Catch up courses for ILT-Classroom courses.
  • The Course Info course widget.
  • Top, bottom and side sign-in forms on the login page.
  • The Coaching App.
  • The Blog App.
  • The Labels app

What about my APIs? Do they change?

Yes, the 6.9 APIs have a scheduled End of Life date of July 31, 2019, the same End of Life date as the 6.9 theme. If you haven’t done so already, you should begin your transition to Docebo’s new set of APIs. For more information, refer to this article.

What happens to my 6.9 theme dashboards?

Docebo 7.0 theme comes with the flexible and easy-to-use Pages & Menus features, where you can build custom widget pages and menus for various groups of learners in your platform. All of your existing 6.9 pages as well as the menus listed in the Dashboard Layout and the Main Menu Items areas of your platform will be automatically ported to new pages and menus in the new corresponding sections, and will be available for the Superadmin to review and edit.

Every 6.9 widget will be ported to the corresponding 7.0 widget. A new LMS widget page will be created for every 6.9 dashboard. Please note that the visibility of widget pages depends on whether they are inserted into menus or not. The new widget pages will be automatically named My Dashboard and their old names will be used as the description.

Please Note: If you changed your dashboards after March 2018, your updated dashboards won’t appear in the Pages & Menus. No changes that you made after March 2018 will be visible in the pages that are ported over to Pages & Menus.

For more information related to switching from Dashboards to the Pages & Menus functionality for the 7.0 theme, refer to this section of the Knowledge Base.

Should I prepare my learners for the theme switch?

We suggest letting your learners know about the upcoming changes in your platform ahead of time, as they may notice some interface changes throughout their platforms, especially in the course player area. For example, they may see a Course Overview page if you enable one for your e-learning courses, and they will always see one for ILT-Classroom and webinar courses.

They may also see new pages and menus in their platforms, as your 6.9 Dashboard functionality has been replaced with the new Pages & Menus functionality.

What if I’m using the Extended Enterprise app?

For those using Docebo’s Extended Enterprise app, the End of Life date for the 6.9 theme applies to your main domain as well as all subdomains, so all of your subdomains will need to be switched to the 7.0 theme by July 31, 2019. You can manage the Look & Feel settings and the theme for each individual subdomain, and use the Preview functionality while you configure the theme for each one. To learn more about managing your subdomains, refer to this article.

How should I manage the shift between themes? What should I do?

The first thing you’ll need to do is check out the 7.0 theme using the Preview functionality. You can customize your platform colors, CSS, settings and all other content, pages and menus directly in Preview mode without losing any data between sessions or once you disable the Preview mode, so build and customize without fear! Here are our suggested steps for shifting between themes:

1. Use the Preview mode to check the differences between themes.

For example, you now reach your Admin Menu from the top right corner of your platform’s header. You’ll find some new items in your Admin Menu, such as the area where you can build and manage customized pages and menus for users.

2. Manage the Look & Feel settings for your main domain and all subdomains.

Once you’re familiar with the differences, manage the settings for the theme. You can customize the header, colors, course player, tiles, and the sign-in page. Refer to this article to learn more about each of the settings that you can configure for your new 7.0 theme.

3. Prepare your new Pages & Menus in Preview mode.

Build out your platforms through customized widget pages, external link pages and menus that you can assign to various groups of users, branches, or user levels. Learn more about pages and menus in the 7.0 theme with this documentation.

4. Rewrite your CSS, as it is different in 7.0 theme.

With an updated interface, it means that a large part of your platform will require new CSS. While some areas of your platform may still look similar to the 6.9 theme interface (channels, learning plans, catalogs management, etc), many areas have been updated and will require you to change your CSS. Because custom CSS varies from case-to-case, Docebo cannot provide full CSS support when you’re shifting between themes. For more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Learning and Support team via your platform’s Communication Center.

Please Note: If you are an ECS customer and you have a sandbox environment, it is strongly suggested to try out your CSS in your sandbox before applying it in your live environment.

5. Check the course player experience for your learners before activating.

The way that users view training material in courses may look different in the 7.0 theme, as the Course Player has been enhanced to include a table of contents as well as the course widgets directly below the player. You can also enable an overview page to appear when a learner accesses a course, before they access the course player. The overview page is mandatory and cannot be removed for ILT Classroom and Webinar courses.

What if I have multiple Superadmins in my platform?

The Preview functionality is activated only on your Superadmin account, so all other users (including Superadmins) will still see the 6.9 theme until you activate the 7.0 theme. However, Superadmins can see the changes that you’re making in the Preview mode when they activate the Preview mode for their own platforms.

Therefore, please make sure that Superadmins are not simultaneously making changes in the Preview mode. Docebo recommends having only one Superadmin account responsible for using and making changes in the Preview mode.

Can I use the Preview mode in multiple sessions?

Yes, you can make your changes in the Preview mode of the 7.0 theme in multiple sessions, so you can make some changes in one session, log out then pick back up where you left off at a later time. Keep in mind that if another Superadmin activates the Preview mode for their account, they can see the changes that you’ve made in the Preview mode and change or edit any of them. Once you log out, you will be redirected to the 7.0 theme login page, giving you the opportunity to see how the new login page will look for your learners.

What if I have more questions?

For any questions you may have about shifting to the 7.0 theme, please refer to the articles throughout Docebo’s Knowledge Base. If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or the Help Desk team via your platform’s Communication Center.