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Discover how to transition between your old Course Management and the vew version!

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October 30th, 2019

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The Course Management area of your Docebo platform has started a renewal process, where an intuitive, approachable design and several course management functionalities are brought into one place in your system. When Docebo 7.6 was released in January 2019,  Superadmins of Enterprise platforms could test out the new Course Management on their platforms, with their real data, and provide feedback on their experiences. Starting from Docebo 7.7, the new Course Management experience has been made available for Power Users with granted course management permissions as well. 

Docebo has received hundreds of various pieces of feedback that helped us shape your new Course Management experience based on your needs. This approach is called DoceLab, and helps us in improving your learning platform according to what suits you best.

What’s New

The new Course Management grants the functionalities already available in the old Course Management, with a new and fresh interface and a smoother user experience. You will see that some areas of the new Course Management still offer an older interface. These areas will be updated on a step-by-step basis, with our weekly releases, until the Course Management is completely renewed.

Here are enhancements introduced so far:

– Customizable Course List. Courses are listed in the page’s main table. You can customize table layout in order to show only the columns that are relevant to you. Click on the Columns Management icon on top of the table to select the columns you would like to include in the table view. Use the Cross icon to drag and drop the columns in the list, sorting them according to your needs.

–Filter Courses. New filtering options are available, including course type, status, properties and language, enrollment status and users in waiting list. Click on the filter icon on top of the table to see the complete list and to make your selection. Filters are applied in real time.

–Category Tree.Click on the Folder icon on top of the table to access the categories management. Click on the category name in the left panel to use it as a filter, or to manage existing categories (edit details, move or delete them and create new sub-categories).

–Seat Management. The management of seats for Power Users is handled directly from the main Courses page. Click on the Seat icon and define the number of seats to assign. Remember that you cannot remove extra seats already assigned to users.

–Navigation Tabs. Once a course is selected, all of the relevant information and possible actions are accessible from the tabs displayed at the top of the course page, so all you need is within reach.

– Catalogs. Save time by managing the assignment and un-assignment of courses in catalogs directly from the course area from a new dedicated tab. From here, you can also see an overview of the catalogs to which the course is assigned.

– Channels. Those using the Coach and Share module and channels for informal learning will take advantage of a new tab in the course area listing all the channels to which the course is assigned. From here, you can assign and unassign the course to channels without moving to the Channels area of the platform.

– Learning Plans. Just like for catalogs and channels, there is a new dedicated tab in the course area for learning plans, so that you can assign and unassign the course to learning plans while managing the course itself, reducing the number of clicks to complete the action. From here, you will also get an overview on all the learning plans to which the course is assigned.

What’s Coming Next

The Course Management continuous update process will keep delivering new and updated content during your normal weekly updates. Check out our Product Updates page every week to stay on top of what’s new!

The improvements scheduled after Docebo 7.8 is released involve the following areas:

– Enrollments. The Enrollments tab will be completely redesigned in line with the layout of the new areas of the course management, easing the management of enrollments individually and with mass actions. 

– Advanced Properties. The course Advanced Properties area gathers several options to configure every single course according to your needs. This makes the configuration extremely flexible but it means you’ll need to pay careful attention to the options that you set. That’s why we are making this complex area more intuitive and approachable. The course Advanced Properties tab will be redesigned and reorganized, the descriptions of the available options will be clearer.

– Minor Improvements. As we proceed with the renewal process, you’ll see minor improvements to your  course management area according to the feedback we receive. 

Activating the New Course Management

You can reach the Beta version of new Course Management from the old Course Management page. Access the platform as a Superadmin or Power User, then reach the Admin Menu by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the platform. Select Courses from the E-Learning section.

course beta activate

Once in the main Courses page, click on Try it Now in the message displayed on top of the action buttons. A pop-up will ask you to confirm the activation of the new Course Management. Please note that the consistency of existing course data will not be changed or lost and that your account only will switch to the new version. Press Try It Now again to switch to the new Course Management area.

Rolling Back to the Old Course Management

You can roll back to the old Course Management at any time. Everything you created and configured with the new Course Management will be saved and still available, even after rolling back. No data will be lost. From the main Course Management page, click Leave Beta or Give Feedback and select Restore Old Version from the right panel. Please give us your feedback before going, using the survey that will open in a new tab. This feedback is vital for us in order to give you the best Course Management experience.

course beta rollback

Providing Feedback of Your Experience

It is important for us to know your opinion about the new Course Management so that we can make it even better! Whenever you want to communicate something to us (both positive and negative opinions), click Help & Feedback and select Leave Us Your Feedback in the right panel. You will be redirected to an external (but safe) form where you will be guided to leave your opinion, the survey is anonymous.

course beta feedback

Reporting Problems

Since the new Course Management is in continuous evolution, you may experience some issues while using it, although likely not. If this happens, feel free to inform us about it by contacting our Help Desk using the Help Desk form. To do so, from the main Course Management page, click Leave Beta or Give Feedback and select Report a Bug. Please refer to this article of the Knowledge Base for further information on how to contact the Help Desk and to submit issues.

course beta report


As a participant to the Beta program, you can take advantage of the continuous updates involving this area. We keep improving existing functionalities and adding new features. Here follows a list of the functionalities we have updated and released so far:

Week of February 25, 2019

Starting from this weekly release, you will be able to:

– Check if the thumbnail is currently used by other courses from the thumbnail Usage tab of the Image Manager

– Replace the thumbnail of several courses with a mass action, associating the same thumbnail to all the selected courses

– As a Power User, you now have the possibility to view and manage the courses you have created even if visibility and editing permissions on courses are not set in your Power User profile

Week of March 4, 2019

Starting from this weekly release, you will be able to:

-Crop the images uploaded from Unsplash before using them as thumbnails for your courses.

Week of April 15, 2019

Starting from this weekly release:

– A new column is available for the courses table displayed in the main Course Management page to show the course additional fields (if defined). You can decide whether to display the column or not, as for any other column, from the column selector area

– You will be able to change the status of several courses at a time by publishing and unpublishing them

– You will be able to delete several courses at the same time with a single mass action

Week of May 13, 2019

Starting from this weekly release, you will be able to:

– You can enroll multiple users to one or more courses or sessions with a single mass action, defining the same level, the same custom deadlines and the same enrollment additional fields for all the enrolled uses.

– A background job will be started if the maximum number of enrollments exceeds 20. Remember that one enrollment is a combination of a single user and single course, so selecting 3 courses and 2 users makes 6 enrollments.

Week of May 27, 2019

Starting from this weekly release:

– If you need inspiration to find the right thumbnail for your course, you can now look for images online by browsing the Unsplash online repository directly in your platform. Just type a keyword to look for the image, and select the one that suits you the most among the search results. Refer to this article for further information.

– You can take advantage of the Duplicate function to duplicate an existing course, with the possibility to duplicate is training material, its widgets and its enrollments

Week of July 1, 2019

Starting from this weekly release:

– you can download the images used as thumbnails on your device, building your offline, private image library

Week of July 22, 2019

Starting from this weekly release:

– you can assign and un-assign courses in catalogs directly from the course area from the new Catalogs tab. From this tab, you can also see the list of the catalogs to which the course is assigned 

the new Learning Plans tab is available for you to assign and unassign the course to learning plans directly from the course area. You will also get an overview on all the learning plans to which the course is assigned

those using the Coach and Share module and channels for informal learning can use the new Channels tab to check the channels to which the course is assigned, assign and unassign the course to channels 

Week of October 21, 2019

Starting from this weekly release:

you will be able to massively enroll users into multiple courses with a mass action instead of using the Enroll Users button in the top right corner of the Course Management page. The Enroll Users button will be removed.