Managing Users in Classroom Courses

Enroll and manage users in classroom courses

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July 2nd, 2019

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DISCLAIMER: Some content in this article outlines how to use functionalities with the new Course Management. Check out this article for further info.


Other than using your learning platform for E-Learning courses, you can also take advantage of the ILT­-Classroom management in the platform for instructor-­led training in classrooms. While the training is physically carried out, you can set up the same course in the platform to provide your learners with information on the course sessions, agenda and location, to monitor the course attendance and manage the course waitlist.

In addition, you can upload training material in the course area (such as the slides used during the training, a video of the most important or key moments in the classroom) that learners will be able to access before, during and after the training, depending on your configuration.

All classroom courses are tracked for transcript and certification purposes, allowing users to have full visibility to how their performance was evaluated. A classroom course is made up of one or more sessions, and each one of these can have various pre-set dates.

You can plan, manage and track a course that will be delivered in different sessions and locations. This article outlines how to create and manage classroom sessions in your LMS .To learn about setting up classroom courses and sessions, refer to this article, to learn more about the management of locations and classrooms, refer to this article.

Enrolling Users to Classroom Sessions

To learn how to enroll users into classroom courses, refer to this article. To enroll users into specific sessions for a classroom course, access the main Courses Management page, then find the course in the list. In the course’s row, press the Sessions Management item.

On the course’s Sessions and Enrollments page, find the session for which you want to enroll users in the list. Click on the course description and move to the Sessions and Enrollments tab.

Here, find the session for which you want to enroll users in the list, then press the item in the session’s Enrolled column. On the session’s Enrollments page, press the Enroll Users item.

In the pop up box, select the users that you want to enroll in courses. Flag the check box in the user’s row to select the user. You can also flag entire groups or branches using the corresponding tabs in the pop up box. Then, select which level the users will have in the course: Learners, Tutors, or Instructors. Most of your users should be learners. When finished, press Confirm.

You can also import users from another session of the course by pressing the corresponding button at the top of the session’s Enrollments page. In the pop up box, type the name of the session into the Session search field, then select the session as it appears below the text box. Using the dropdown menu, define which level the users will have in the course: Learners, Tutors, or Instructors. When finished, press Confirm.

Once users are enrolled into the session, you can manage them using the list on the Enrollments page. Press the pen and paper icon in a user’s item to edit the user’s level or status in the session. By flagging multiple users, you can unenroll users from the session, send an email to users, or change the user status in one bulk action via the action dropdown menu below the search bar.

The On Selected dropdown menu may also show a link to an external website; when selecting this option, the website will open in a pop up window, and you will be able to operate on the external website, for example to mark in a third party system that the user has completed the course. Links to external websites must be created as enrollment IFRAME additional fields. Refer to the Adding Enrollment Additional Field chapter of this article for further information on how to create and manage enrollment additional fields.

To unenroll an individual user from the session, press the X icon in the user’s item. Please note that you cannot delete a user from the session if the classroom course is part of a learning plan.

Evaluation and Attendance

To manage the evaluation and attendance of a classroom session, move to the course Sessions and Enrollments tab. In the session’s row on this page, select the menu icon, then press the Evaluation and Attendance item from the dropdown menu. You will be redirected to the Attendance Sheet and Evaluation page for the session. On this page, you can provide feedback to your learners and mark their attendance when the session has ended.

At the top of the page, you can choose whether to view all users, users waiting to be evaluated, or users that have already been evaluated. If many users are enrolled in this session, you can use the search bar to search for a specific user in the list.

To evaluate a user, press the Evaluate button in the user’s row. In the pop up box, type the evaluation for the user into the corresponding text box. You can edit the text as necessary. Then, use the Score text box assign a score to the user. You can also attach a file (such as a certificate) if desired.

In the Status section, mark whether the user has passed (the green check mark button) or not passed (the red signal icon)and press Confirm to terminate. Now, in the attendance column in the user’s row, mark whether the user attended the session or not by pressing the user icon. It will then turn from grey to green, confirming the attendance status. Please note that Instructors cannot evaluate themselves and cannot be evaluated by Superadmins.

You can also manage a user’s effective time in a session when marking the attendance. When viewing the list of users in the session, click on the item in the column displaying the session time. Then, in the pop up box, you can manually evaluate the hours and minutes of the user’s effective time in the session.

Remember, the effective time is the total time of the session minus the total break time. Your platform will auto-calculate the effective time, but you can manually change it as you see fit. The effective time of a user can be more than the actual total time of the session, perhaps because the user stayed to work after the session was completed. When finished, press Confirm.

Printing the Attendance Sheet

Superadmins and Instructors can print the session attendance sheet in order to create a physical registration page that students will sign to mark their attendance.

Begin by accessing the course Sessions and Enrollments tab. Find the session in the list, then press the menu icon. Select the Print Attendance Sheet item in the dropdown menu. In the pop up box, select the session date from the dropdown menu at the top, then press the Generate button next to the menu.

You can also download the attendance sheet as a PDF file, or create custom columns in attendance sheets by pressing the Configure Sheet button in the top right corner. Now you want to flag the option to Enable custom attendance sheet settings for this course. The columns for the attendance sheet below will no longer be greyed out, and you can set them as necessary.

If you are creating an attendance sheet using custom columns, the first field selected for the attendance sheet will be the sorting field, and sorting will be in ascending alphabetical order. Please note that this order is only possible for standard default fields of your LMS: username, first name, last name, email and language. Custom fields that you’ve created will not be ordered alphabetically.

Superadmins can create a customized attendance sheet to apply to all ILT course sessions. To do so, move to the Admin Menu, and click on the Advanced Settings option in the Settings area. Move to the ILT-Classroom tab and use the Custom attendance sheet area to select the information you would like in each column of the attendance sheet. It is possible to define up to five columns per attendance sheet. When you’re finished, press Save Changes.

Learner View

To view a course or session from the learner’s perspective, access the course by clicking on its description in the main page of the Course Management section. Then, press the Learner View button in the top right corner.

You will see what the session page looks like for learners. This page shows information for each session in which the learner is enrolled. Click on the arrow icon in the session’s row, to see information about the location together with the map preview. Move to the Content tab to access the training material associated with the course.

Managing the Waitlist for Classroom Courses

If you have enrolled users into a classroom course, but you have not yet assigned them to a session within that course, they are placed in the course’s waiting list. You will see the number of users in waiting list in a small red box in the top right corner of the Waitlist button in the Sessions and Enrollments tab.

Click on the Waitlist button to access the Waitlist page and see the list of users waiting to be assigned. If you want to assign them all to the same session, flag the box at the top of the Username column to select all of the users at once.

Then, in the action dropdown menu, select Assign to a Session. In the pop up box, select the session where you would like to enroll users, and press Assign.