Learn how to use our APIs for increased business performance.

Benefits of API in Docebo

We offer a complete and robust API system for our customers to perform any integration related to managing user accounts, courses and training materials, enrolling users, statistics, and much more.

APIs are technology-independent, so you can use any programming language or framework to integrate your system or application with Docebo.

Our APIs fully adhere to the ReST architectural style, which is the most logical, efficient and widespread standard in the creation of APIs for Internet services.

But here is the best part: Docebo APIs are so powerful and complete that our developers use API to build any new feature into our platform, in conjunction with our microservice architecture.

New API explorer

To access your new API explorer, go to https://<yoursubdomain.docebosaas.com>/api-browser


In order to properly use Docebo’s APIs, you’re expected to have a development resource to write and maintain the code that interacts with ours.

We provide the endpoints that return info or perform actions in the platform, but you’ll need to develop a script, application, or use another tool or method to initiate your requests to our endpoints.

We recommend testing your APIs with an API tool that offers a development testing environment, such as Postman.