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In Case You Missed It – Here Are Our 3 Learning Technologies UK 2020 Highlights

• 2 min read

Learning Technologies UK 2020 was a fantastic experience – we were blown away by all of the great conversations and meetings we had with talented professionals working across L&D, HR, and performance management.

Whether you caught us enjoying a gelato at our stand or came to one of our live presentations on the latest tech advancements, we wanted to thank everyone we had the privilege of getting to know.

Every year, our profession grows and progresses, and Learning Technologies is a great moment to reflect on where we are.

These are the three big themes that caught our eye in 2020:

  1. Human-centred AI. Artificial intelligence was in abundance at LT20, and it was fascinating to hear from Daniel Hulme speak on how the power of AI can be harnessed to transform business, draw insights on behaviours of learners, and discuss how data and information isn’t the same thing. Companies don’t have data problems, said Hulme, they have decision making problems. What stood out was that at its best, artificial intelligence empowers your talent by helping you to understand it better. That’s something we set out to achieve at Docebo.
  2. Managing, leading, and adapting. Accenture shared their fascinating insights on the challenges and opportunities coming up for management, HR, and LD functions in adapting to and making the most of new technology. We particularly liked the ideas around speeding up experiential learning techniques, broadening individuals’ blend of skills, and ensuring inclusive access to tomorrow’s skilling solutions.
  3. The future of work is here today. Throughout #LT20, we heard about the radical transformation that’s already reshaping the ways we all work. David Wilson, CEO of Fosway Group, presented striking research that found 90% of surveyed organisations reported a ‘very significant’ gap in the skills they require. It was an urgent reminder that L&D is an increasingly business critical function that will help to shape how people experience change in the workplace as disruption and automation grow. Docebo has been bridging this gap with customers such as Starbucks and Uber for years.

Ahead of #LT20, we were delighted to be identified as a ‘Core Leader’ in Fosway Group’s 2020 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems.

David Wilson, CEO of Fosway said: “Docebo’s consistent performance in customer-focused organisations in Europe and globally see it once again recognised as a Core Leader in the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems. Its continued positive trajectory demonstrates its accelerating track record of enterprise wins as well as a focus on customer advocacy.”

We can’t wait to have the opportunity to pick up those conversations with our users, customers, colleagues, and friends at DoceboInspire.