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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

• 2 min read

Find out how AI will amplify your digital learning efforts.

In the last few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed from sci-fi fantasy to business reality – and its use is only growing in the enterprise realm.

In fact, almost 40% of enterprises have implemented artificial intelligence in some form in the past year – that’s up 270% from four years ago.

Across the board, organizations are recognizing the value AI brings in optimizing how they operate and how it enables their workers to provide greater value. As solutions have matured, the appetite for smarter, more powerful tools continues to grow – and this is no different in learning and development.

Artificial Intelligence in digital learning is here and with it comes the opportunity to develop more immersive and personalized learning experiences, while automating menial administrative tasks.

Check out the infographic below to learn what is now possible with AI-powered digital learning.

Experience how an AI-powered learning platform enhances learning experiences and automates routine tasks.